Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World (2021)


Ever wondered how high payment for hotel accommodation can go? Well, we can tell you that there are many hotels that’ll charge the equivalent of what most jobs won’t pay you in a year. Well, that being said, people do pay for these vacation spots that’s why they exist.

In this article, we will be highlighting ten of the most expensive hotels and resorts in the world. If you’re the type that’s into a vacation, you could see some that may just catch your fancy.

Read on…

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The Burge Al-Arab

Located in Dubai, this edifice shows the beauty and grace of modern-day architecture. Designed by Architect Tom Wright, the build takes the shape of a ship’s sail. It’s often pitched as a seven-star hotel — and there’s nothing to suggest otherwise.

The hotel sits on an artificial island and has its private helipad. Moving on inside, the 780 square-meter royal suite is fully decorated with 22 Karat gold, and there’s a private dining area with a butler. Of course, there’s also the usual private lounge, spa, and telephone in each room. The night in this suit costs about $28000.

The Plaza

It’s easy to call New York the busiest city in the world, however true, it’s also the location of some of the best and most expensive hotels in the world. The Royal Suite, the most expensive suite at The Plaza, would cost you $40000. The Royal Suite, accessible only by a private lift, is stretched 400 square-feet, with three bedrooms (a bathroom in each), a lounge, private dining sitting up to twelve people, and a fitness room. There’s also a cool view of Fifth Avenue from the bedroom.

The Hilltop Villa

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Talk about hotels looking like paradise, Hilltop Villa is always a name to mention. Located in Laucala island Fiji, it’s got the perfect environment for a get away with family and friends. Spending $45000 on a four-acre villa, split into three separate villas isn’t a bad idea at all. Especially when you get to see the beautiful views of the island on whichever villa you choose.

The Muraka Suite

Located in the Maldives, The Conrad, is prides itself as the first underwater hotel suite. Having two stories, with the bottom about 15 feet below the ocean makes it an architectural beauty. With just $50000 a night you can have your own private chef, butler, a bar, gym, and an infinity pool. However, there’s a catch; minimum booking requirement is four nights. You should be comfortable to spend $200000 on the bounce before calling for reservation.


Hôtel Martinez

One of the vintage hotels, The Hôtel Martinez, is located in Cannes. Has been running since 1929, and seen as a classic structure in Cannes France. It’s most expensive suite, the Penthouse Suite will cost you $57000 for a single night. Located in the uppermost floor of the hotel, you get a 1000 square feet suite with a stunning view of the French Riviera from a wood-panelled panorama terrace. There’s also the usual luxury of a king-sized bed, separate living and dining room, Turkish bath and a private Jacuzzi.

Four Seasons Hotel

Located in New York, the Four Seasons hotel is without question one of the most expensive hotel in the America and the world; so true, a night at its Ty Warner suite costs $60000. Taking seven years to build, and costing $50 million, it’s hard not to have it as one of the most expensive vacation spots in the world.

The Mark Hotel

Also located in New York is a hotel well worth $75000 per night. The most expensive suite, the Mark Pent House, ranges over an amazing 10000 square feet; that much space spreading over two floors. On booking, you get 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces, 2 wet bars, 2 powder rooms and a gigantic living room. You also get a cool panoramic view of Central Park.

Hotel President Wilson

Named after the 28th President of America, the Hotel President Wilson located in Geneva Switzerland is everyone’s dream place to spend a holiday. The most expensive suite, The Royal Penthouse spans a whopping 1800 square feet, occupying the entire 8th floor of the hotel. With 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a Jacuzzi overlooking the lake, private chef, butler and a personal assistant, you get the best of luxury. While also feasting your eyes on beautiful views like the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. You also get reassured security with bulletproof windows, 24/7 camera system and a fortified safe. All these can be yours for just $80000 per night.

The Palms

The Palms Casino located in Las Vegas, is always going to be a common mention when it comes to exotic hotels and resorts. However, being a common name in the hotel and resort industry doesn’t make it cheap; a night in the Empathy Suite (the most expensive suite) costs $100000. Originally called Sky Villa, until a complete redesign and overhaul was done by Damian Hurst. The Empathy suite package is now two master bedrooms, massage tables, a salt relaxation room, a cantilevered Jacuzzi overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, and a private tour of the art collection and amenities.

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia

The Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel holds the record as the most expensive hotel in the world. Pretty justifiable, everything takes place underwater; not your regular type of hotel. The submarine is navigated around to Caribbean to suit the preferences of its guests, giving you multiple views of the marine world. For $150000 a night, you get ultimate luxury.


There you have it! A list of the most expensive hotels in the world, according to prices of the best rooms they have to offer. We hope you enjoyed this article, and probable put one of them into your next vacation plans.



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