10 most populated states in Nigeria in 2022


States are the physical representation of human societies. They have their own distinctive culture and history.

Further, they decide the future direction of their countries. It is often difficult to predict what will happen in a particular country in a decade or two because of internal forces and external influences like international events, economic conditions and political developments etc.

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Below is the list of the 10 most populated states in Nigeria:

Lagos State

Lagos is among the list of the most populated states in Nigeria with a population of about 21 million numbers of people living in the state. It is the commercial hub of the country and generates the highest revenue when it comes to state with the highest internal generated revenue(IGR)

Lagos is a large city in Nigeria with a population of about 21 million inhabitants. It is situated on the banks of the lagoon of Lagos and is one of the largest cities in Nigeria.

Lagos is a large, bustling city inside Nigeria. It is the capital of Lagos state and one of the largest cities in Nigeria. Lagos is home to 21 million inhabitants, making it the largest city in Nigeria and Africa’s second largest city after Abuja. In 2010, it was named the world’s most expensive city due to high property prices and other factors.

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Kano State

Kano is a state in Nigeria. The state covers an area of about 15,300 square kilometres and has a population of over 16 million inhabitants the state comes second when it comes to the most populated states in Nigeria, the state boost of a population of about 16 million inhabitant.

The population of the state keep increasing because the state is commercial hub in the northern part of the country, it keeps experiencing influx of multitudes into the states.

Oyo State

Oyo state comes third in the ranking of the most populated states in the country with a population of about 15 million residents, over the years the state has experienced increase in its population over time.

Kaduna State

Population of Kaduna is about 12 million. This site holds about 239 ethnic groups, which are a mix of Fulani / Hausa and Omani.There are more than thousands of ethnic groups in the various states in Nigeria.

Even when they do not differ from each other, the people of these ethnic groups tend to have very distinct traits. The official census data is used throughout the country to work out national demographics and surveys.

Rivers state

Population of Rivers state is around 12 million who live in the state which results 0.12% of the population in Rivers State, Port Harcourt is one of the largest cities in Nigeria and the capital of Rivers State.

It has an important economic influence on Nigeria’s economy, as well as being a business center. There is a rich diversity of ethnic groups in Rivers state.

Katsina State


Kassina state is a beautiful state located in the north of Nigeria. It is one of the largest states in Nigeria with a population of 10 million people. It is also called the most fertile land in West Africa.

The unique characteristics and history of this state have been commonly known by its name, Kassina state.

The state has experience tremendious growth and increase in its population size over the years, thereby making it one of the largest states in country.

Bauchi State

The population of Bauchi state is 9m and its capital is the city of Bauchi. The region was established in 1976 during the reformation of the North-Eastern state.

Bauchi is the capital of Bauchi state. The state is bounded in the north by the states of Kaduna and Zamfara, in the west by Kebbi and Abia states, in the south by Sokoto and Nasarawa states, in the east by Zamfara and Adamawa

Initially, its borders covered the territory of Gombe state, which acquired the status of a separate region in 1996. According to 2006 Census, 4.6m people lived here at the time.

Anambra State

Anambra State has a population of about 8millions Nigerians currently live in this eastern region, and as at 2006, the figure was 4.18m.

The State was created in 1858 from the former territories of Ibadan and Oyo, which were originally parts of three different provinces. Anambra is predominantly an agricultural region and Nigeria’s largest tobacco growing area

The government center and capital of the state is Awka. It has large industrial and commercial cities like Nnewi and Onitsha. 98% of the population are Igbos, while the remaining 2% are Igala indigenes living in the north-western areas.

Jigawa State

The local population of Jigawa state is currently 8.1m and as at 2006, the figure was 4.3m. A homogeneous socio-cultural situation has formed in the state, its population is made up mostly of Fulanis, Hausas, and Kanuris.

In the year 2003, the Fulani people of Jigawa state came together for the first time to form a representation of their community in a permanent political party,

Despite the fact that these tribes retained their ethnic identity, they still share marriage and religious connections. There is quite a high fertility rate in this area (6.2 children to 1 woman). 90% of the region’s population live in rural areas, and their gender proportions are even.

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Benue State

This state holds the tenth position on this list with a population of 8m. It is situated in the middle part of the country. 4.2 million Nigerians lived here as at 2006. The majority of its population are from Idoma and Tiv. There is also quite a lot of people from other ethnic groups in the area.

This state is home to a population of 4.2 million people, most of whom are indigenous people. They are ruled by the Lagos State government and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The country’s economy is based on oil and gas.

Now you know the 10 most populated states in Nigeria according to the official Census of 2006 and the estimations of 2016; we hope this information was interesting and useful to you.

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