Most powerful countries in africa 2021


There are several powerful countries in the world and in terms of ranking the most powerful country in the world that Switzerland is leading, according to the newest rankings most powerful country in Africa is Egypt while it has become shocking that one of Africa’s largest economy known as Nigeria did not make the list.

How on Earth will you make mention of the most powerful countries in Africa without enlisting Nigeria, it is no surprise because the directional movement of the country is no longer progressive but digressive. It is very shocking for the West African country which is known to be the most populous black nation in the world not to be on that list.

Nigeria is not to be Africa’s best national brand and it has also become the highest attraction for venture capitalists in Africa. Upon all these qualities Nigeria did not appear in the list of the most powerful countries in the world and missed becoming the most powerful country in Africa.

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It all started in the rankings of 2016 where Nigeria was represented at the bottom side. Nigeria was ranked in 2016 the 57th most powerful country in the world and that was ranked out if 60 countries were on the list.

Later than in the 2017 list of the most powerful countries in the world Nigeria was ranked 77th
That was out of 80 countries. In the 2018 list it went up one spot to become the seventh sixth most powerful country in the world out of 80 other countries. This official ranking of these countries published by the world report and the US news.

These countries will be ranked after the degree of their economic political and military power are being examined also their external influences are being put into consideration. Also, it is required that they collect the opinions of over 21000 people.

The rankings are report of the best countries in the world I’ve been determined based on how other countries perceive some Nations globally in terms of impressions that could drive international trade qualitative characteristics, investments, and travels that gives easily effect the economy of the Nation. This particular report is being covered by the perceptions of over 73 countries in the world.

these are some of the parameters that are being used in determining Who is on this list and they include cultural influence, entrepreneurship, open doors for business, citizenship, quality of life and military power.

Nigeria used to be one of the most powerful countries in Africa but that was then and it’s no longer part of it currently because consistently it has been at the bottom rung positions and a few years past so it is no surprise that Nigeria couldn’t make the recent list.

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The major factor why Nigeria currency becomes part of the list is because according to the senior data editor with the US news oversized that there is an important criterion for a country to be ranked on this list and this was that the country must meet up with b vital human and economic right metrics.

Well we talked a lot about Nigeria let us look at the number one most powerful country in Africa which is Egypt and some factors that earned it that position.


  • World: 25 in Power Rankings
  • Africa: 1 
  • GDP: $250.9 billion
  • POPULATION: 98.4 million
  • GDP PER CAPITA, PPP: $13,358


Egypt is currently the most powerful African country is number 25 in terms of world power rankings and it has a gross domestic product of 250.9 billion US dollars. The country has the population of 98.4 million people. It also has a gross domestic product per capita of $13.358 which is the determinant for standard of living in this country.

South Africa

  • World: 32 in Power Rankings
  • Africa: 2
  • GDP: $368.3 billion
  • POPULATION: 57.8 million
  • GDP PER CAPITA, PPP: $13,630

The second most powerful country in Africa is South Africa.
This country is being ranked 32 in the world rankings while it is second in Africa. South Africa has the gross domestic product of $368.3 billion with a population of 57.8 million people which makes its GDP per capita to rise up to $13,630. no wonder several Nigerians are heading over to South Africa to earn a living.


  • World: 52 in Power Rankings
  • Africa: 3
  • GDP: $87.9 billion
  • POPULATION: 51.4 million
  • GDP PER CAPITA, PPP: $3,705

Thanks one of the best African countries at the school ranking the 52nd most powerful countries in the world but third most powerful African country. This country has a population of 51.4 million with their per capita income $3705.


  • World: 55 in Power Rankings
  • Africa: 4
  • GDP: $65.6 billion
  • POPULATION: 29.8 million
  • GDP PER CAPITA, PPP: $6,492

The black star country of Africa is currently ranking 55th in countries. Which country has the gods domestic product of $65.6 billion. It also has a population of 29.8 million people with their per capita income as $6,492.


  • World: 57 in Power Rankings
  • Africa: 5
  • GDP: $118.5 billion
  • POPULATION: 36.0 million
  • GDP PER CAPITA, PPP: $8,931.

This is the fifth of the least of the most powerful African countries but in the world It is being ranked at 57.
This country has a GDP of $118 .5 billion with a population of 36 million people. The per capita income of the country is $8931.

Rop 30 African countries and the rankings based on their military strength in 2020. this list you find how powerful these African countries are with their power index scores. The four in the score is a particle that Annapolis this less technological advance countries to be ranked together in competition to know who has the most equipped military forces.


Egyptian military PwrIndx 0.2081
Algerian military force PwrIndx 0.4659
South African Army PwrIndx 0.5405
Nigerian military PwrIndx 0.7007
Ethiopian Army PwrIndx 0.7361
Morocco Airforce PwrIndx 0.8244
Angolan Military PwrIndx 0.8379
Sudan Forces PwrIndx 1.0051
Democratic Republic of the Congo Army PwrIndx 1.0631
Zambian Armed Forces PwrIndx 1.3035
Tunisian Forces PwrIndx 1.3322
Libyan Army PwrIndx 1.3696
Zimbabwe Air force PwrIndx 1.3906
Kenyan Air force PwrIndx 1.4177
Ugandan Navy PwrIndx 1.5802
Chad Armed Forces PwrIndx 1.6041
Tanzanian Army PwrIndx 1.7109
Malian Military PwrIndx 1.7172
Cameroon’s Military PwrIndx 1.8242
Ivory Coast Armed Forces PwrIndx 1.8514
Burkina Faso Military PwrIndx 1.9009
Ghanaian Navy PwrIndx 1.9231
Mozambique Navy PwrIndx 1.9287
Botswana Military PwrIndx 2.0582
South Sudan Air Force PwrIndx 2.1281
Niger Army PwrIndx 2.1631
Republic of the Congo Military PwrIndx 2.4035
Madagascar Armed Forces PwrIndx 2.6168
Namibian Navy PwrIndx 2.6519
Gabon Navy PwrIndx 2.7173



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