Top 10 Most Successful Businesses To Start in Nigeria & make a killing


For aspiring entrepreneurs who are considering venturing into business but wondering which to choose, we have combined an exciting list of top 10 most successful companies you can venture into depending on your available skills, talents and passion.

Some of these businesses require a lot of time, money, and concentration while others require less effort.

However, if you think you don’t have the necessary skills, it’s never too late to acquire skills.

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Below we present to you the top 10 most successful businesses to start.

1. Online Store

Without doubt, the internet is certainly the best way to showcase yourself to the world and that is why it is not surprising to know most online businesses are doing well even within a short time frame.

Although, it will be very difficult to recommend any product to a prospective entrepreneur due to the changes that often occur in the market, but make sure you have a good knowledge base about the product or service you intend to sell online.

Acquire relevant information and skill on that product and above that, love what you are doing, because it’s the love you have for your products and services that will keep you going even in the face of sharp criticisms.

However, there are 2 options you can pick from, First, you can decide to sell your own products, This is known as e-commerce.

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Secondly, you can decide to sell other suppliers’ products at an increased price.
This is known as dropshipping.

The exciting thing about dropshipping is that unlike e-commerce, it doesn’t need high costs.
In dropshipping, the only aspect that may consume your money is an advertisement.

You will need to showcase your business on different social media platforms, as this will create good awareness for you and bring customers your way.

It is crucial that you know that both online businesses require proper planning, research, and knowledge, as this will help your business to become successful eventually.

2. Web designing

Honestly, the internet is a powerful tool that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity of accessing a vast number of customers who are
interested in the products and services they are offering.

Web designing and other creative works are some of the fastest ways of becoming successful entrepreneurs.

According to statistical reports, 80% of customers do online research of the company they intend to buy from before patronage.
Also, intelligent business owners are aware of the fact that it is vital to have a website for their business.

For these reasons, web design companies are a great deal and are held in high esteem by business owners.

3. Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping

Do you want a business where you will have high profits even at an early stage? This is a very good business option you should consider because, over time, statistics have shown that tax preparation and bookkeeping is the ideal small enterprise to start when it comes to high-profit making.

As good as this may sound, note that this type of business is not meant for everybody,
If you intend to start up this type of business, you must be good with numbers and be a detailed person, because keeping the financial records of other businesses is not an easy task, so if you think you have all these qualities, then you are good to go.

4. Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a skill-based business you can start without heavy investments. You can even start as a freelance graphic designer. This way you will get the attention of many people and you can be sure that they will be willing to pay well much later as long as your work is excellent.

Asides getting the attention of many customers, you will also be able to improve on your graphic designing skills over time.

Just as web designing is a much sought after work, so also is the work of a graphic designer, because most businesses need banners, fliers, posters, logos, and other materials to create awareness for their companies.


So if you are sure you’re creative, have a good colour sense, are aware of the latest trends in graphics designing, and most importantly, if you are ready to learn then this might just be the ideal venture for you.

5. Marketing Job

Truly, we can all agree that competition is evident in virtually all lines of businesses, and sometimes this competition can be very tough so your marketing approach and style has to be top-notch for you to attain success in your small business.

Once you have a strong communication skill and you are sure of how best to share the values of your product to the audience, then you are on the right business, especially if you are gifted in writing content that are attractive, marketing is good for you.

6. Personal Training

There are countless individuals out there who are looking for solutions to their health issues. Some are struggling with excessive weight, some are trying so hard to keep up with good health habits.

These problems are business opportunities for you. First, you have to be skilled in this field that is having relevant solutions to the problems of people, because you cannot give what you don’t have, secondly, you have to obtain a license to be in this business.

7. Running your own barbershop

Arguably, not many people are aware that the barbing hair work is one of the most profit yielding businesses out there.
Little wonder there are several young entrepreneurs in America who have their own barbing salon.

This is a lucrative business,you are really going to love, provided that you have the needed hair barbing skills and good customer relationship.

Apart from just hair cutting, you can also include beauty products like haircream, gel, after shave amongst others.

Your customers will appreciate your initiative and in return you will earn good cash.

Meanwhile, this business can only prosper in the hands of skillful persons.

Therefore, before you venture into this business acquire all the knowledge and skill you need so that you will be able to atand even in the face of tough competitions.

8. IT Services

If you are considering going into this Kind of enterprise, you have to be a professional and be aware that this business demands a lot of sacrifices.

Although, you will definitely enjoy high profit because owners of programming startups are known to be “enjoyers” of high salary.

Another important point you need to know is that you must be ready to stay with your computer for long hours so as to excel in this line of business.

Basically, you can decide to just work on new programs, or develop games and apps.

The choice is yours.

9. Online Tutoring

In this business, you will have access to a lot of opportunities, whatever skill you have, you can decide to hold seminars online, interested persons will definitely join you and listen to what you have to say.

You can earn money through Vlogs by sharing your skills and selling them at affordable prices.

Asides these earnings, you can also get people who will invite you for seminars and conferences depending on how rich your content is, this also will fetch you a reasonable amount of money.

These skills can be graphics design or even social media management.

10. Cleaning Services

Arguably this is not an innovative business so to say, yet aspiring entrepreneurs can start business with this. Good enough you can start this business with little capital, majorly you will need vacuum cleaner and good polish floor cleaner and if you are able, get a car too, so as to make your work easier.


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