Top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria in 2022



Due to the current digital age, several advances have been made in regards to the internet and communications technology sector in Nigeria. Owing to the fact that the world is gradually turned into a global village the use of the internet has skyrocketed in the past few years.

There are millions of websites online because this website has different functions and people visit them for these random purposes which might include getting news and information, watching videos, downloading music, making purchases on e-commerce platforms.

As this thing has gotten to another level in different parts of the world and Nigeria is not yet left out because Nigeria news has an accessible internet connection and the use of Internet-enabled gadgets like laptop, tablet, and smartphones.

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Several Internet data plans have been made available and affordable by telecommunication companies like Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and others for both the rich and the poor alike to be able to access the internet using different data bundles.

On this page, we will be talking about the most visited websites in Nigeria. This is a very challenging one because this list is very competitive and keeps changing time.

Getting your website to become one of the most visited in Nigeria it’s a very tough job because you have to work a lot on your strategy, investments, and technicalities.

There are millions of websites all over the world and hundreds of thousands in Nigeria and one of the issues this website has is that most in the same niche have similar and identical content.

They all struggle and fight for favorable ranking from Google due to the competition and other search engines. How the website gets a lot of views is getting your web to rank higher on search engines. This means that the higher it ranks the more traffic it gains.

Several factors can help shape and determine the amount of traffic a website will gain and this includes the website ranking on the search engine results page. You can only rank well on search engine results pages by strictly adhering to the guidelines and regulations guidance and this includes speed for a website, quality content, and good keywords.

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There are several websites in Nigeria that have met up to these criteria and that is why they are gaining a lot of traffic.
According to Alexa Ranking, I’ll be making the list of the most visited websites in Nigeria here.

Google is the localized version of the giant tech search engine company Google. It is the most visited website in Nigeria because this is where most people go to ask question and this platform basically leads people to different other most visited websites in Nigeria.

Why is different is because Google came out with making localized subsidiary available in different countries and this is Nigeria’s version of Google. What is a localized version does is that when you make a side effect of all this place in the search engine information from your local it before showing information from other international websites.


Facebook remains one of the biggest social media platforms in the whole world with billions of visitors Nigeria is not left out most Nigerians are on Facebook. This is why the majority of the traffic leads to the social web because most people need to chat with their friends, make posts, share their pictures, and other things.


Facebook remains one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. This is because it has gained 22.65 billion visits from all over the world in 2020 alone.


YouTube is the popular video-sharing platform that is owned by the parent company of Google Alphabet Inc. YouTube is currently the third most visited website in Nigeria because there are lots of content there and Nigerians have taken the opportunity to jump on the website to post your video and get popular on the video-sharing app. Most videos on YouTube have millions of views some billions of views and subscriptions too.

This is a forum that was initiated in 2005 by Seun osewa answers then its growth has been massive. This is a Nigerian forum that is more like a community with over 1 million registered members and it gains hundreds of thousands of views daily. It has an estimated total of 35 million page views.

Vanguard News

Vanguard news website it’s one of the best and most visited online news platform in Nigeria. The history of vanguard what is when a journalist named Sam Amuka-Pemu and his three friends started vanguard Media in 1983 and after the advancement of online platforms they created an online version of the media house to help broaden the horizon. This is one of the best news sites in Nigeria are these free from manipulation of the government.


This is one of the most popular news and gist blogs in Nigeria and this makes it one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. It deals in entertainment gossip, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and events. This blog generates traffic from Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana, and the US.

The Punch

This is a popular website that is known for news dissemination. Punch is a website many Nigerians love going to for reading news.
So if you would want to read some trending news that will be a website to check out.


This is Nigeria’s best e-commerce platform because he does online retail of different products. It connects buyers and sellers in Nigeria. and the bulk of the traffic doesn’t come from Nigeria alone some of them are from Germany, India, and the UK.

list the popular news website that is known for its prominence in Nigeria that covers several subjects and create even video content that is based in Nigeria.
This website has an estimated daily pageview of over a million and records over 2 million monthly unique visitors.

When it comes to sports betting in Nigeria, bet9ja is a force to reckon with. This website is on this top list of the most visited websites in Nigeria because it’s a very popular sports betting platform that has physical bet offices in Nigeria. The advert for bet9ja is literally everywhere in Nigeria.
even the locals go to this bet9ja offices to play the game on the systems provided there while others play it on their phone or laptop at home. Bet9ja receives indigenous visits of 6.5 million.


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