MTN Affiliate Marketing: What You Need To Know


As we all know, MTN Nigeria is one of the biggest companies in Nigeria and arguably the biggest telecommunications company in Africa as well.

The company has incessantly put up promotions of beneficiary programs for its most loyal customers. The MTN Affiliate Program is one of those reward programs by MTN. First off, what do we understand by affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing may be described as a rewards system where sellers obtain a percentage from goods or services bought through them.

It is a performance-based cash reward system for the sales made through a referral marketing platform.
Hence Mtn affiliate Program Is, therefore, a reward-based program introduced by Mtn, which enables you to earn 2% of each sale of Mtn products rendered through what we call your unique “referral link”.

Here Are The Top Reasons To Trust Mtn Affiliate Program/ Wallet*

1- It has been said to be the largest telecommunication network in Africa and the ninth-largest in the whole world.

2- They are also called the 2018 Mtn affiliate wallet because of its special USSD code, i.e “2018”.

3- It is a South African company that journeyed into the Nigerian market on May 16, 2001.

4- It successfully was the very first GSM network to make calls after the globally lauded GSM auction conducted by the Nigerian communications.

5- They have launched a system called” mtn affiliate wallet” which offers the youth the chance to make a 2% commission of any airtime you sell to others and 1.5% commission for any airtime you sell to your self through your affiliate link, isn’t that amazing?

How To Make Up To #50,000 As An Mtn Affiliate Marketer

They are actually three ways to make loads of money as an Mtn affiliate marketer namely:
Registration, funding, and lastly by creating awareness.


Before you begin thinking of making money online as an Mtn affiliate marketer make sure you already have an MTN sim card and if you don’t, get your self a new one now. Once you are done with that, dial *2018# you will be displayed with something like this.

Mtn affiliate program

Now reply with the state in which you currently live in. You will see something like this on your screen

Mtn affiliate wallet

Now, enter your secret 4- digit number, which is your pin.
Caution: do not disclose it to others and then click on the send button. Mtn will send you a message to confirm your registration just like this

How to make money on Mtn affiliate wallet


So as to qualify as an Mtn affiliate marketer after registration, you need your GTBank account or if you don’t have any, you can make use of your sibling’s or that of your reliable friend, so as to enable you to fund your Mtn 2020 wallet. Now, dial *737*50*Amount*2018# with the number registered with the GTBank account,

Mtn Afiliate Wallet

Here’s more useful information you needed to know

Once being funded, you will receive a short message that indicates that your account has successfully been funded.

Now just dial *2018# again to check your balance or to start making cool cash online from the comfort of your home, work, or office.

Now to make up to #50,000 monthly or even more as an Mtn affiliate marketer you need to make sales of at least #85,000 airtime daily, mathematically, let us assume that Divine makes a sales of 85,000 airtime to her friends daily, her commission of any sales she rendered is 2%, that means 85,000 sales × 2% commission = #1,700 daily profit, now, #1,700 × 30 days = #51,000 in a single month.

That’s a very easy fact.

Creating Awareness:

Start creating awareness by always informing your friends, relatives, or your family that you can save them stress by sending them airtime directly from your phone instead of going around the street from one place to another looking for where to buy airtime.

You can share with your WhatsApp contact list, Facebook friends, Twitter, Instagram, or even telegram, etc.

We hope you find the above information really useful. What then are you waiting for?, dial the code now on your Mtn line and start making cool money.


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