MTN instabinge: Subscription and activation code


In this post, I’m going to be telling you everything you need to know about MTN instabinge bundle.
Most people are not aware of this bundle offer by MTN network do they might have used it before without knowing what the data bundle name is called but I will explain today.

MTN instabinge bundle is a new plan from MTN Nigeria and what this plant does is that it enables subscribers to enjoy ultimate browsing on Instagram using the following rates; N200 for 1gb & N100 for 250mb.

This plan remains the cheapest social app plan currently and it’s available for MTN users who can subscribe to the MTN instabinge bundle plan. All you need to do is to subscribe to this plan and there is no need for registration of a new SIM card.

As we all know Instagram is the newly acquired social media platform buy Facebook group where photos and videos are being shared. On the Instagram platform, you can easily scroll through a lot of pictures that are categorized in different categories like beauty, travel, humor, sports, and others. Instagram also contains high-quality videos that are known to consume higher megabytes and that is why a lot of people avoid it because of the high data consumption rate.

This MTN data plan does not require your SIM to have been dormant for a number of days before being eligible to use the service.

During this pandemic, there’s been a spike, and the number of Instagram live videos because it became more engaging however these live sessions are not for everyone due to the high data consumption rate.

MTN pulse instabinge bundle is a very lucrative avenue for you to easily assess videos on Instagram stream videos and live sessions, make posts, view pictures, and others.
this is a way MTN has decided to use and save most of their subscribers who complain of high bandwidth of data needed for Instagram.

MTN instabinge offer

After grasping the knowledge about MTN instabinge concepts, it is very crucial that you be aware of and understand the intricacies of the offer from this service.

If you’re using the MTN pulse instabinge bundle then what it can do for you is that you can get unlimited Instagram access at a very low rate. MTN has divided these rates into two and make them available for their subscribers.
The first instabinge bundle rate from MTN is 250mb for just N100, why the other one is a 1GB data bundle for just N200.
I know as enticing as the offer seems but there is a condition for you to be able to participate in this and that is MTN Pulse tariff. for you to subscribe or make use of this plan you would have to migrate to MTN pulse tariff because this bundle is exclusively for its users.

MTN Instabinge activation

Everyone thinks should know about MTN instabinge offer is that it’s not new to the public it has always been there it’s just that it gained prominence recently due to the influx of Instagram users.
in this part of the post, I’ll explain how you would easily subscribe and activate your MTN pulse instabinge offer.

You can easily subscribe to your MTN bundle in two ways, you can just choose the one you prefer and that’s it.
The two different ways to subscribe to this bundle offer are firstly you have the USSD code option and the other is the SMS message box option.

firstly let’s look at how to subscribe MTN instabinge bundle using the USSD code.

  • Switch on your phone
  • insert your SIM card
  • Migrate to Pulse plan by dialing *406*1#
  • Now dial *406*5#
  • select 1 for Instagram 250MB @ N100
  • Or you can select 2 for 1GB @ N200
  • Then enter 1 (to purchase 1GB @ N200)
  • It’ll be activated automatically
  • Launch your Instagram app
  • Start enjoying
  • That’s all

the other option is subscribing MTN instabinge bundle using your message box. This option is so much easier just like the USSD option you can use the following options to subscribe and activate your instabinge offer.

  • Switch on your phone
  • Insert your SIM card
  • Migrate to Pulse plan by sending 406 to 131
  • For InstaBinge Lite plan send ‘INSTD1’ to 131
  • For InstaBinge Heavy plan send ‘INSTD2’ to 131
  • Launch your Instagram app
  • Start enjoying
  • That’s all.

There is something you should take note of in other to use this instabinge offer. If you’re using MTN pulse currently then you don’t need to send the migrate code you just have to continue from the other step listed there.

Another important notice for the new about to be instabinge subscribers is that be it that you’re using the SMS method or the USSD code method you have to be on pulse tariff plan first in order to enjoy this bundle.

Check Instabinge balance

After the activation of your instabinge bundle offer, next thing is to start using it then before then you might want to check your bundle balance and this is how to do it.
You can check your MTN instabinge bundle balance easily by dialing *559*39#. After you’ve dialed this code the balance will display on your screen automatically.

There is another easy method to know your MTN instabinge bundle balance;

  • Dial *406*5#
  • Tap on 3 (Check balance)
  • See Your MTN InstaBingle bundle balance
  • That is all!

In summary, you can easily check your instabinge balance by dialing this shortcode *559*39#


Other MTN Data subscription plans

Bundle offer  Duration  Instruction and price
1.5GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)  SMS 106 to 131 at N1,000
2GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)    SMS 130 to 131 at N1,200
3GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)    SMS 131 to 131 at N1,500
4.5GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)  SMS 110 to 131 at N2,500
6GB Data Bundle (for 30 Days)  SMS 147 to 131 at N2,500
8GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)  Dail *131# at N3,000
10GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)  SMS 107 to 131 at N3,500
15GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)  SMS 116 tp 131 at N5,000
20GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)  Dail *131# to activate
40 GB Data Bundle  (For 30 Days)  SMS 117 to 131 at N10,000
75GB Data Bundle  (for 30 Days)  SMS 150 to 131 at N15,000
110gb Data Bundle (for 30 Days)  SMS 149 to 131 at N20,000



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