My Grandma is an advocate of hardwork and honesty: Elvis Poko


16th of September 2020, started on a very high note, with all the bustle and bubbling of London, it was however beyond our imagination that Dailymedia Nigeria will have a chance encounter with Elvis Poko, as he is a very fish, we have been chasing for months to have an interview. But as they say, fortune will always catch up with those that are prepared. I

guess that is the reason why we caught up with Elvis Poko in London and we took advantage to do a quick interview. He is a comedian, actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. Enjoy the excerpts.

Elvis Poko Comedian
Elvis Poko (Comedian)

DailyMedia NG: Can we meet you?
Elvis: my name is Elvis Poko, I’m a Standup comedian, Actor, Filmmaker, and Enterprenure.

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DailyMedia NG: How was your upbringing like?
Elvis: Well I was raised by my Grandma, a disciplinarian and an advocate of hardwork and honesty. Growing up was fun but would have been more fun if I ever had a father figure in my life, the more reason I want to be the best Dad to my kids in the nearest future.

DailyMedia NG: At what time in your life, did you decide to go into Comedy/Acting?
Elvis: I started comedy professionally in 2011 while I was in the university before moving to Lagos where I got the opportunity of becoming a tv star in 2016.

DailyMedia NG: Do you think you made the right choice?
Elvis: I don’t regret being an Entertainer it’s always been my Dream from childhood. Basically I’m just having fun.

DailyMedia NG: Some people say you entered into comedy/acting, just to make money, how true is this?
Elvis: People are entitled to their opinions, entertainment has always been my lifestyle.

DailyMedia NG: What can you say is your greatest achievement as a comedian/actor?
Elvis: My greatest achievement so far is the fact that people love what I do and it gives me fulfillment.


DailyMedia NG: How do you overcome the challenges and competition in the industry?
Elvis: I took myself out of the competition in the industry and created a competition against the old me, (ie) I try to get better on a daily basis by learning from every experience and the few people I look up to.

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DailyMedia NG: It is a general knowledge that comedians now only copy jokes of others, how true is this and how have you used comedy to make a difference?
Elvis: it’s true especially skit makers, over the years I’ve lost materials to them and other copy cats but I try to evolve as time goes on, these days I do more of reality jokes that are surrounded by my experience and the jokes are very relatable.

DailyMedia NG: When you are not recording, acting or performing, what else do you do?
Elvis: I read a lot and relax the best way I can.

DailyMedia NG: Where are we expecting to see you in 5 years time?
Elvis: The top

DailyMedia NG: Your advice for aspiring comedians and youths out there?
Elvis: Believe in yourself, fear God, be humble and chase your Dreams, cause everything and anything is possible.

DailyMedia NG: We heard you are organising one of the biggest event, Son of a deaconess? What is the event all about?

Elvis: Son of a Deaconess, is the sub tittle for my next comedy tour, it’s a stand up comedy special where I’ll be sharing the most of the funny experience I’ve had with my mom, it is going to be mind blowing as I promise to thrill my audience with a scintillating performance

DailyMedia NG: Any date or venue yet? How do the public get their tickets?
Elvis: Dates,venues and tickets outlets will be announced when the team finalizes with plans and all.

DailyMedia NG:  Any peep into the line up of comedians and artists for the day?
Elvis: usually my show is a one-man show but I have a bucket list of top-notch comedians coming through for me and also three A-List Artists will be there to thrill the Audience to their satisfaction.

DailyMedia NG:  Thank you for your time?
Elvis: thanks for having me…..


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