The report credited to a group whose pseudo name stands for social justice written by one Ovasa Agaga and circulated through a blog was nothing but a futile attempt to cover a clear case of fraud and forgery established against the Chairman of Delta State Investments Development Agency (DIDA), Mr. Paul Nmah.

NDESC in that report failed to tell the public the reason Paul Nmah was a guest of the ICPC neither were they able to supply facts to dispute documents that obviously indicts Paul Nmah on plethora of criminal charges in the US and UK which has made him a fugitive of the law.

Ordinarily, such faceless group does not deserve any response, however it became necessary to respond in order to educate them on the ills associated with the man they have come out to render poor service to in the name of defense.

Importantly, we will like to ask NDESC to find out from their paymaster the last time he approached the embassies of the US and Uk? Let Paul Nmah dare visit any of this countries if he feels there are no criminal charges hanging on his neck.

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The faceless NDESC would have acted responsibly if they had taken time to address the issues raised instead of pointing fingers to a quarter that is evidently unknown to the group that earlier exposed Mr. Paul Nmah’s sordid and inglorious past.


It’s instructive to note that much attention will not be accorded this group since the issue on ground is receiving serious attention by the relevant authorities including Interpol. Paul Nmah can run but he cannot hide.

One area that is of major concern is that such a character found space in public office. There is need to ask questions about the reputation of those that appointed him. Does it mean that government does not carry out a check on those they appoint into sensitive offices?

It’s important that Governor Okowa does the needful on this matter as part of his contribution at cleaning the image of Nigeria. The international community will continue to see Nigeria as a nation that glorify criminals if Paul Nmah is allowed to remain in public office.

On this note, we call on the government to give every necessary assistance to the Interpol, ICPC and other relevant agencies both local and foreign that already on Paul Nmah’s trail.

We also wish to implore the state government to henceforth try and look into the past of some persons that present themselves for appointment. The Nigerian government is making serious effort to change the way international communities perceive her people and governments at all levels should key into it.


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