50 Very Interesting Random Nigerian facts you need to know

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The topic is one for laughs as there are few Nigerian facts; the veracity of most things we do in Nigeria cannot be ascertained but we are a ‘feel-good’ people who love to use the word ‘fact’ a lot. So here are the 50 funny Nigerian facts that I know.

50 Interesting Random Facts about Nigeria(ns)

1. Yoruba Demons- Yoruba demons are not demons, it is a name given to young boys from the South west Region of Nigeria.

2. Nollywood is a name coined out of the first letter from the country’s name and Hollywood, it simply is the movie industry name in Nigeria.

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3. Nigerians call all seasoning cubes ‘maggi’

4. Ijapa is the name of the Yoruba folklore hero who is a hero

5. Civil servants are treated like true servants in Nigeria

6. The present minimum wage monthly in Nigeria is around $35

7. The 100-0 Nigeria vs India football match is a myth.

8. Lagos traffic hold-up can cause migraine

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9. The Fulani’s flog their prospective inlaws before marriage as endurance test

10. Military men call Nigerian civilians ‘bloody civilians!’

11. Police men on the road call bribes ‘roger’

12. Nigerians watch British Premier league than the local league

13. Nigerians call alcoholic drinks ‘Shayo’

14. Nigerians call Marijuana ‘Choko’

15. Bobrisky is a male not a she, just a cross dresser

16. Calabar girls are believed to be sex bombs

17. Chioma Jesus is more popular in Nigerian CD stores than Beyonce

18. Thierry Henry was called ‘Igwe’ in Nigeria

19. Nigerians refer to coke as minerals and not soda

20. When Nigerian children speak their local language in schools, it is called vernacular.

21. When Children see white people they sing Oyinbo pepper

22. Santa claus is a black man in Nigeria

23. Every Northerner is a Mallam(Lol)

24. Nigeria can fight war because of Jollof rice


25. Young Nigerians believe Wizkid is richer than Tony Elumelu (Lol)

26. Feminism equals Misandrism

27. Nigerians believed Dramendra could jump from 3 storey building

28. Nigerians believed Rambo can defeat any army.

29. We had a dancing Senator called Adeleke

30. Ajekun iya track was released by a Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye

31. Though one of the poorest countries Nigeria is the highest champagne importer.

32. Nigerians fear SARS more than armed robbers

33. Nigerians self medicate without proper medical tests

34. There are more churches than factories in Nigeria

35. There are more mosques than orphanages in Nigeria

36. Religious heads are richer than most businessmen in Nigeria

37. Sex is seen as a taboo for women but same doesn’t apply for men

38. 419 means scam

39. Yahoo is the name for a young fraudulent man

40. Maga is the name a fraud victim is called

41. Davido is the son of a Nigerian billionaire businessman

42. Wizkid started his music career with empire mates owned by Banky W

43. Nigerians were warned about the Ponzi scheme MMM but still fell for the bait

44. Fuji is Nigeria rock and roll

45. Most Christians and Muslims in Nigeria still consult native doctors and herbalists

46. Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa are not the only languages in Nigeria

47. Burantashi is an aphrodisiac from the Northern part of Nigeria

48. Nigeria has not had a population census in over 10years

49. The American consulate in Nigerian receives more people than Aso rock daily

50. Most Nigerians will go to church and mosque for the first time on Christmas and new year.

Merry Xmas and Happy New year


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