Nkem Owoh Bio: Age, Career, Politics, Movies, Education, Marriage & Net Worth


Nkem Owoh is a Nigerian movie comedian and famous actor. Because of his appearance in the award-winning film, titled Osuofia in London, he is generally called Osuofia.

The actor began to act far enough in as 1978 when he depicted his character in Things Fall Apart, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that he started acting full time. In this post, you’ll find lots of stuff about this Nollywood symbol from his family life to his film industry career.

Owoh was born in Early life & Education, Enugu State, Nigeria. He’s bagged an engineering degree from Ilorin University. He had already appeared in numerous television and film projects at the time he was in the university.

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Owoh had been featured in the 1978 film Things Fall Apart but concentrated on scriptwriting until 1994 when he went on full-time performance.

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Nkem Owoh’s Early life & Education

Born in Owoh, Enugu State, Nigeria. He’s earned an engineering degree from Ilorin University. He already had featured in several television and film productions since at the time he was still in the university.

Nkem Owoh Career

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Owoh had starred in 1978 in the movie Things Fall Apart, but had concentrated on scriptwriting until 1994 when he went on full-time acting. The film which eventually pushed him into the spotlight was the comedy film of 2003, Osuofia in London.

Following the film’s release, he released a new song regarding advance fee fraud titled, “I Go Chop Your Dollar.” This song was contained in the movie, The Master where Owoh got to play the scammer role.

It was outlawed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, since the song glorified advanced fee fraud.

Owoh was detained in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2007, resulting in a seven-month probe by the Dutch police called Operation Apollo.

The comedian was detained along with more than 100 people whilst the Dutch police performed a musical tv series reasonable suspicion of lottery fraud and immigration abuses. Finally, he was released.

Nkem Owoh Personal Life

Owoh was abducted in eastern Nigeria in 2009 and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of N15 million. The actor was subsequently released, and his family revealed they were forced to pay the abductor N1.4 million as ransom.

Owoh was hospitalized after thugs attacked in 2014. Reports revealed the incident occurred during a film shooting in Enugu.

When these thugs stormed the movie set and demanded some cash, Owoh is said to have been attacked by hoodlums. The crew’s failure to grant their requests is what led to the assault.

The man was eventually seriously injured but he was rushed to a hospital on time and since then has recovered. There have been claims that somehow the elder brother of Nkem Owoh, Bartholomew died during the Buhari era in the 1980s and the family held the president responsibly.

Nkem Owoh and his family have yet to cope with the pain of the older Owoh’s cold-blooded assassination, according to several sources.

It will be remembered that the three young men, Bernard Ogedengbe (29), Bartholomew Owoh (26), and Lawal Ojuolape (30) were said to have been arrested for drug trafficking which resulted in the prescription of a death penalty. Those three men were openly killed by firing squad.


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Nkem Owoh on Biafra

In an interview, the actor disclosed that it was the Igbo’s marginalization that was responsible for some Igbo groups ‘ agitations. He suggested giving the Igbo its right to equity and justice.

The actor also recommended that the Igbos in the northern part of the country who had been attacked should be returning as soon as possible before war breaks out.

Nkem Owoh & Politics

The actor disclosed in an interview session that he might not be interested in engaging in politics like most of his colleagues

His life revolves around making films, show business, and entertainment, Owoh says. Project Owoh announced in 2017 that he was planning a certain output of films and TV.

He revealed that one of them is a box office movie, and the other is a cable TV series. Popularly labeled Osuofia Film, Nkem Owoh started his career as a scriptwriter throughout the entertainment business.

But colleagues and friends often encouraged him to be in front of the camera which he eventually did in 1994. And this marked the start of an interesting voyage as an actor.

List of Nkem Owoh Movies

Nkem Owoh has been featured in more than 200 movies since he started acting. Some of them comprise:

Things Fall Apart (1987)
Ukwa (2000)
Big Man…Big Trouble (1999)
Onye-Eze (2001)
Fake Doctor (2002)
Ifeonye Metalu
Long John
Police Officer
Anunuebe (2003)
King of the Forest
Lion Finger
Mr. Trouble
Osuofia in London
Police Recruit
America Visa (2004)
My Driver
My Own Share
Osuofia in London 2
Spanner Goes to Jail
The Master
Akanchawa (2005)
Bus Driver
The Prince
A Fool at 40 (2006)
Foreign Base
Made in Cambridge
My Kingdom Come
The Barrister
The Dreamer
Battle of Indemnity (2007)
Covenant Keeping God
De prof
Johnbull & Rosekate
Stronger Than Pain
His Holiness (2008)
His Last Action
Wonderful Man
Military Zone (2012)
Ghana Must Go (2015)

The actor disclosed that over the years he has concentrated more on comedy since his comic movies tend to do better than others.

Though Owoh is not involved in stand up comedy, he is often invited to perform at events where he normally performs a comedy show to entertain people. Owoh also disclosed one of his best movies was not quite popular and was one of the greatest stories he’s ever told according to the actor.

The actor disclosed the film was about a tale he was told by his grandmother when he was eight. It was a folk story. The film was called, King of the Forest and it was released in 2004.

Owoh also produced a number of other films that he sponsored himself.

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Nkem Owoh Awards

Awards In 2008, the African Movie Academy Awards awarded Owoh the Best Actor in a Leading Role.

The actor has also earned a Lifetime Achievement Award for his efforts to the growth of the Nigerian film industry at the 2017 African Movie Academy Awards, AMAA. The ceremony took place at Eko Hotel, Lagos, last month. Nkem Owoh is a legendary actor no doubt.


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