Npower Nigeria 2021: all you need to know


This article will discuss all you need to know about the federal government social investment program called Npower.

The federal government scheme known as Npower is a federal government initiative that as help create a job, empowering the youth by providing jobs to them and also giving them an avenue to train them to learn skills that will make them productive.

Npower is majorly for young Nigeria between the ages of 18 and 35, the program has empowered thousands of youth from various part of the country by creating jobs for them and also creating empowerment programs like skills acquisition programs in various areas like tailoring, sewing, welding, furniture making, plumbing, and the likes.

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The programs is open to both skilled and unskilled applicants, it creates jobs and skills acquisition program, Even after training it those not just leave its trainees alone they also provide them with tools that will make them productive.

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After the initial training they have given several applicants who have gone through their training with tools ranging from the sewing machine, welding machine, plumbing tools, and the likes, they equip their trainees to stand on there with the required tools to begin their business.

Largely Npower has helped to reduced unemployment and poverty in the land by their social investment scheme program.

Goals and Mission of Npower Program of the Federal Government

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  1. Npower helps to reduce the mass unemployment rate in the country and also improve the living condition of the youths.
  2. It helps to train the youths in different skills acquisition program, thereby providing jobs for the unemployed population.
  3. The Npower program has helped to create a solution to both the public servants and government agencies.
  4. It helps develop and make our country economy buoyant, by bringing about productivity in all areas of our economy
  5. It brings about sustainable growth in our country’s economy.

Categories of Npower

Npower program is divided into two categories namely:

  1. Graduate Category, the graduate category is for N-power volunteer corps
  2. Non-Graduate Category, the non-graduate category is in two categories also the N-power knowledge and N-power Build


The N-power Graduate Category also the N-power volunteer corps is for graduates between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, it’s a voluntary program for graduates for a duration of two years and it’s a paid service.

From 2016 to 2017 the federal government has engaged over 200,000 N-power volunteers in different areas such as teaching, instructional and advisory solutions in 4 key major areas.

The major areas include:

  • N-power Tech the selection into this program is open to all graduates with NCE and BSC certificate in the following discipline like computer science, computer engineering, applied mathematics.
  • N-power health this program is for those in the health line and here posted to different communities to provide health care facilities to pregnant women and children.

The N-power health volunteer is for those with a certificate in the following areas like Nursing, Midwifery, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Health Education.

  • N-power Agro this is for those with a qualification in Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, Crop Science, Food Science, those with these qualifications provide volunteer service to farmers across the country.
  • N-power Vaids this is for graduates in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, law and Banking & Finance they are to provide service in the areas of tax collection and implementation, report writing, document review and record keeping.

Npower Application Process

For those who want to be part of the Npower program follow the following steps below:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Get a two passport photograph
  3. Get your Bank verification number (BVN)
  4. On the website click on Apply for N-power volunteer corps
  5. Once you open it read the terms and condition and agree before proceeding with the application
  6. On the application form fill the BVN and your names correctly and your bank account correctly
  7. Ensure you fill your phone number correctly and email
  8. After that upload your passport photograph
  9. After you have filled correctly you can now submit the application form and await further instruction in your mail.

After you have filled and submitted correctly, a list of the successful candidates will be published.

For more inquiries, you can contact their customer services via the following numbers

  • 09060000445
  • 09060000446
  • 09060000447
  • 09060000448
  • 09060000449
  • 09060000450
  • 09060000451
  • 09060000452
  • 09060000453
  • 09060000454

Or their email address

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