Top 10 Legit Online Business in Nigeria in 2022


This write up will focus on the top 10 legal online business you can engage in Nigeria. The online space has provided a lot of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to engage in various online businesses.

The online space has been able to create multiple business channels for entrepreneur, online business in Nigeria have been able to reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria.

We have a lot of young and smart Nigeria doing online business and they are making a lot of money offering their businesses to their numerous clients and prospective customers.

With an online business, you have the opportunity to reach a lot of customers at the click of your mouse and online business is more cost-effective to start with, you don’t need to have a certificate before you can start your online business.

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All you need for you to kick start your online business is for you to get the required training on the line of business of your choice, a phone, laptop, and internet connection.

We have a lot of online business you can start with, but for the purpose of these write up we will look at the top ten online business you can start with right away.

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List of Top 10 Legal Online Business in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing is one of the top 10 online business you can engage in and start making good money from. Affiliate Marketing is a commission-based business whereby you sell a merchant product on a commission basis.

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We have lots of platforms that gives vendors the opportunity to sell for merchants on a commission basis, we have an international platform and local platform where you can do affiliate business.

E-Commerce is another form of online business you can engage in, e-commerce is a form of buying and selling online, for you to get this business up and running you will need a domain name and a website and also a  Facebook account to run your advert.

Dropshipping is another online business you can engage in online and make good money from it, Dropshipping involves you acting as a middleman between the buyers and sellers of the product.


You act as the seller to the buyer, all you do is to take your customers’ order, mark up the prices buy from the seller and deliver to the customer and make a profit.

 Blogging is another online business you can easily engage in and make money from, Blogging involves you creating news content or offering valuable information to people online, money is being made in this form of business through google AdSense, advert placement.

Mini importation is also one of the fastest-growing online businesses you can start with, it involves you buying goods from online stores abroad and importing it and selling it here in Nigeria. All will be done online.

 Article Writing is one of the online business you can engage in, this line of business is for those that like writing. You can begin this business by writing for online news and blogs and you get paid for every article you write correctly.

Forex This is another online business you can start with, forex involves you having knowledge about the exchange market.

Because of the high risk of this business it’s advisable that you gain a good knowledge of the business before you engage in it.

 Social Media Manager This is another online business you can also engage in, this business is being done by many people online, all you have to do is to manage social media account for clients and get paid.

 Website Development This is another online business you can engage in with the required skills, website development is a means whereby you provide a design to build an online page for a business for a fee.

 Vlogging is another new form of business whereby you upload your interest online, the upload can be in the form of news, pictures. You can do this upload on you youtube, Facebook or your personal website.

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You can pick any of these businesses highlighted above and run with it and you will be making good money from it.

We hope you find this informative, please help share this info on your social media page, if you have any suggestion kindly drop your comments below.



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