How to Open PayPal Business Account in Nigeria


PayPal is known to be one of the most secure and trusted online payment systems in the world. Owning a PayPal before in Nigeria was nearly impossible but this day you can easily open a business account anywhere in Nigeria on PayPal.

PayPal is being used by millions of people around the world to transfer and receive money easily. The company was established as a confinity in 1998 and made available in more than 200 countries in the world with registered currencies that is over 23. PayPal is known to have been registered in countries like Singapore, Luxemburg, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Up-to-date people remains the best internet wallet service platform.

People intentionally shutout in Nigeria because of our reputation in internet fraud. With time PayPal decided to lift the ban in Nigeria because of its wide market. it was on July 2014 that people became available for Nigerian residents.

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Do not forget Nigeria is the giant of Africa with the largest economy. you don’t have to worry because of this post that walk you through the process of creating a PayPal business account free of charge.

The kind of PayPal account that was made available to Nigerians was useless to online business owners because it was limited to purchasing things online and sending payment to other PayPal accounts.

Online business owners began to use the USA PayPal account and some other verified online transaction platforms like payooner to receive payment from their foreign clients because they can’t do so with the normal PayPal account.

Nothing has become easier because you can easily take the advantage of this business account on Paypal to receive money from your customers.

Requirements for creating PayPal business account

for you to create a PayPal business account in Nigeria these are things you must provide;

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You need to provide a valid email address. This is a major requirement that without it you cannot open your PayPal account in Nigeria because upon provision of this email PayPal will verify your account by sending a message to the email for validation. In order to confirm the existence of that email, you have to follow the steps in the message.

You should also be aware that their card from Interswitch does not work with PayPal anymore because they stopped partnership in December 2018.


another requirement needed to open this account is a MasterCard or Visa card that is linked to your Nigerian account with any of your local Banks. This card could be a debit or credit card and it is very crucial for the verification of your PayPal account. For the verification PayPal with the doctor very minute amount of money from the card and once you confirm it your account becomes active.

Where to use PayPal easily in Nigeria

There are millions of global merchant that accept PayPal payment and they include;

  1. Services for video streaming like Roku and Hulu.
    2. Platforms for global shopping like Best buy, ebay and Amazon.
    3. Gaming platforms online like steam, Sony PlayStation Network.
    4. Online music streaming platforms like Tidal, Spotify, Hungama.
    5. Airline services like South African airlines, Ethiopian airways, southwest, Kenya airways.

In this post, I will show you both houses open a normal PayPal account in Nigeria and how to open a business PayPal account in Nigeria.

How to open a normal PayPal account

Firstly I’d like to start with this because it’s important that people also know about this because it is used in purchasing products or renewal of plans like domain name purchase web hosting and others. Follow the guidelines below to easily create this account;

  1. To create a normal account with PayPal go to PayPal website or click the link here.
  2. Click the sign-up button and select a personal PayPal account.
  3. They would have given you two options personal and business but if it is your first time I suggest you choose personal because personal requires your personal debit card while business requires a business debit card.
  4. Click on continue after you selected personal account then you see Nigeria in your drop-down section.
  5. Input your email address and this could be your Yahoo mail or Gmail or even company mail.
  6. Type in your password and confirm it make sure it’s the one you can easily remember or better still write it down.
  7. Click and go to the next page where you fill in your bio details like date of birth, your name’s phone number and address.
  8. Make sure the address your feeling in PayPal account matches the address with which you opened your bank account to it because they will have to cross-check it.
  9. When you are done it will direct you to a page where you input your debit card details.
  10. There, input your expiry date, card number and CVV number.
  11. you must have received an email by now go to your email account and verify it.
  12. Yes setting up your normal account in PayPal is done. You can easily verify this by sending $5 to someone abroad.

How to create a business account in Nigeria

since you’ve learned how to create a normal PayPal account here in Nigeria the next thing for you to know is how to create a business account which is solely for a merchant who owns businesses in the country.
Follow the guidelines below to learn how to do these;

  1. Go to click on merchant sign up or follow this link
  2. Go to get started, Feel in your email address where required and click on next.
  3. You’ll be required to fill in your authentic information in the signup form please do that accurately.
  4. next time you come in contact with is the privacy policy and user agreement you have to accept or agree to proceed.
  5. Click on the button “Agree and continue”.
  6. In this part, you have to fill in detailed information about yourself and submit.
  7. next, you have to provide all information regarding your organization which contains a short questionnaire on tax return. Click continue when you are done
  8. Certify your application and submit.
  9. Login to your email address to confirm your application and verify it. Follow the instructions you find in your email.

Congratulations you now own a business PayPal account in Nigeria.


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