Who is the Owner of Shoprite Nigeria?


Most people are ever curious to know who the real owner of Shoprite malls in Nigeria is? well, if that’s what you are also looking for then we got your back, scroll down to find the answer you seek.

Shoprite has been growing rapidly in the South African market since 1979. Shoprite is and has always been the Shoprite Group’s largest brand and has become one of the most reputable companies in South Africa, being named South Africa’s No.1 Supermarket every year since 2006 in the yearly Sunday Times Top Brands Survey.

The goal of Shoprite is to guarantee that they sell their goods to their customers at the lowest possible price and that they want to be in a location the consumers can reach easily. They procure their goods from suppliers in South Africa and abroad and by doing so they have to order or buy their products in bulk.

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Shoprite partners with centers of distribution which are sophisticated when it comes to their supplies, they focus on the basic products they sell randomly in shops in the African continent.’

The Shoprite Group of Companies ‘ driving goal is to be the consumer’s favorite shopping outlet by retailing groceries and non-food items at the cheapest prices from conveniently located locations in a shopping setting.

The Group understands its low-price strategy by constantly finding ways in the distribution chain to cut costs. Shoprite buys in bulk from local and overseas producers, eliminates the middleman by buying directly from distributors, and operates 17 advanced technological retail outlets from which food non-food and fresh goods are shipped to shops across Africa. takes place in a cost-effective way.’


Shoprite’s Socio-Economic Strategies:

The Women of the Year awards was institutionalized by Shoprite in 1996. These awards have been created to honor women in that particular year for the work they have done. The awards end in a very glitzy awards ceremony and at this awards banquet, the women are treated excellently. Speeches are given and then the people elected to stand up and then the winners are presented.

The women were nominated for these awards and this reflects their modesty as they don’t see what they’re doing as being able to change the country and being a small way they’re changing the world.

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ShopRite Owner-Mr. Christo Wiese

However, Shoprite is not a Nigerian agency. Shoprite Nigeria is only the subsidiary of Shoprite Holdings Ltd, a successful South African retail company founded by Mr. Christo Wiese from South Africa in 1979.

Owner of Shoprite Nigeria, Mr. Christo Wiese thought it would be wise to launch operations in 2005 with the opening of his first store on Victoria Island in Lagos. There are also subsidiaries of the company in Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, Mozambique, Botswana, Madagascar, Congo DR, Angola, Ghana, Swaziland, Mauritius, Congo, Lesotho, and other African countries.

Shoprite is Africa’s largest grocery retail chain. In many other major Nigerian cities such as Onitsha, Enugu, Abuja, Kano, Kano, Ilorin, Ibadan, among others, the organization also has branches. It has been speculated that by August 2015, Shoprite will continue to expand to more than 20 states in Nigeria.

Now you know the answer to Mr, Christo Wiese, A South African, founder of Shoprite Holdings Ltd.



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