How To Pass NABTEB 2021 Without Expo Or Cheating


For you to be able to make good grades in your study, you don’t need to read for many hours (at a stretch)  before you pass any examination without involving in examination malpractice. So many students are missing it today, because of examination malpractice. All you need is to concentrate and be consistent in your study time, you will be fine without cheating.

Now, you may be thinking if there is a particular way to make good grades in The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB). Well, Yes there is. Each and Every examination has its own directive and master plan.

Below are steps to guide you through when preparing for NABTEB Exams

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1. Start Early Reading

For you to pass any examination, you need to start reading early, because you need time to prepare well for the examination.

The excess time makes students be confident and well prepared. Don’t start reading when the exam is already days by so that you won’t fail. Prepare diligently for your examination.

2. Monitor your exam date

Monitoring your exam date helps you in organizing your exam dates. It keeps the study focus with an everyday count down to your exams. As the time of the exam draws near, read more. Get the available news and updates on NABTEB.

3.Get the required materials 

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Get the necessary materials needed.


Create your own study timetable and follow it diligently to help you study well. You would also need to have some particular tools at hand to help you get prepared for NABTEB. Some of the tools are Nabteb past questions and answers, recommended books, and Barren syllabus. Get a notepad and pens for you to use when studying the past questions.

4.Suspend Distractions

The truth is that we are surrounded by distractions. It’s inevitable. Our phones, friends, or things happening daily. All of these can harm you if you are not careful. They break your concentration and make it difficult for you to focus. So turn off your phone and put it aside. Have it in mind that you are not reading the book for your own pleasure, but rather because it’s been assigned to you. Don’t be distracted. When you are reading, absorb every necessary content before going to the next one. Take notes if necessary.

5.Read With all Your Mind

Most students only open books daily but just a few actually read. When you are reading stop fantasizing. It is best if you focus on one thing at a time. Let your mind focus on the book you are studying not something else. Read with a purpose and be judicious in highlighting and note-taking. After reading, you then have the time to think about other things.

 Also, make effective notes as you read through revision guides. After this, you can then summarize a topic before you move on to another topic.

6.Revise Every Topic

Most times when a student read once, you may understand. But revising over and over again gives you a better understanding of the topic and as well put them in your long-term memory. So when you have issues remembering what you have read. Pick up your notes and revise over and over again. Revising every topic before the exam day will go a long way to solve this problem. Also, make effective notes as you read through revision guides. Afterward, you can then summarize a topic before you move on to another topic.

7. Solve NABTEB Questions

If you are able to solve questions without seeing the glimpse of answers in your textbook, then we can say you are getting prepared for the exams indeed.

Search for questions and study as many NABTEB related Questions as possible. Getting NABTEB past questions and using them will also increase your possibilities of having a high score on your National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB).

I want to believe this has helped you in preparing for your NABTEB exam and has given you some guidelines to help you pass NABTEB 2021.


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