Paymyrent Registration: How to Signup and login


Have you been having problems paying your house rent? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. This article is written for anyone who is having issues on how to pay, with the solution of solving it.

Paymyrent is created to assist in solving the problems related to the payment of house rent. This is a good way to pay that your house rent has been causing embarrassment.

We all know that, without the payment of our house rent, there can be serious issues and may even cause health challenges to people. So, this short article has been brought to you to assist you in solving that major problem.

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Paymyrent was founded by Mr. Ogunyemi Damilare on the 10th of May, 2016. And it has since been a great help to many people around.

So, if you are facing the problem of not being able to pay your yearly rent, paymyrent can take up the responsibility by making provision of loans irrespective of whoever you are or whether you are employed or unemployed.

You will be given the opportunity to pay back the money on monthly basis or according to your income.

The method or way in which you can apply for the loan is very fast, no wasting of time. As long as you meet up with all the necessary requirements.

Hence, you can apply on the website once you fill in your information on the application form and within few minutes, money should be transferred into your account.

Loans starting from #100,000 to #300,000 can be given to an individual. The method of refunding has been made very simple for you, you can pay up monthly so that the burden will not be much.

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So, the amount of money you are allowed to loan is up to your monthly income or the way your income comes in for such an individual or group of people. Following the critical evaluation of your application form that must have been submitted already.

Paymyrent will make you know the exact amount you are liable to loan from them and given. You won’t be given any money more than what your monthly income can carry. If the burden of the money loaned is too much, you may not be able to pay up quickly or even pay up at all.

Paymyrent is a legit platform and it is very secured also. You can either decide to save with them or decide to borrow money for the purpose of your house rent. Their payment time for any amount loaned to you is between the space of 3 to 12 months.


Let’s talk about the advantages. There are lots of advantages related to this platform, unlike some money lending organizations where you will have to visit their office every day before you can be given.

Well, paymyrent is not like that, it is a secured online platform. No collateral before you can be given money to and no wasting of your time, as long as you meet up with their basic requirement.
1.No deposit or pledge.
2.It is with an immediate approval (No go come)
3.You have the privilege of your method of loan payment. Just let them know when filling the application form.


* You need to be a verified worker of a company that is registered and working in that company for at least 6 months plus.
* You will need to prepare a copy of your employment letter and promotion letter and a recent confirmation letter.
* Your monthly income savings too will be asked for.
* Any up-to-date date utility bill
* 2 to 3 up-to-date passport photographs.
* alA recent copy of pension account or Tax Identification Number.
* You would need a guarantor with his/her up-to-date account details to check the amount the person is receiving monthly.


You can easily logon to and hit the search button to register and get started.

So, with these requirements met, you have a good chance of getting a loan to quickly solve your house rent problems.


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