5 People with Most Twitter followers in 2022


If you’re in the Twitter game to win, then you should know who’s ahead. Here are 10 people with the most followers on their account right now, and what they have that sets them apart from the crowd.

As the world of social media changes, new stars are born and old ones fade away.

in 2022, who will have the most followers on Twitter? We may be too close to know for sure but there’s no question that these 10 people are at the top at the moment.

Competition is stiff for most Twitter followers but these people have made it to the top of their table.

1. Barack Obama

Over 130 Million Twitter Followers

Former US President Obama is one of the people with the most follower on Twitter in 2022.

A few days after leaving office, Barack Obama had over 100 million followers on Twitter.

Today he has 130+ Million and is still growing at a rapid pace. What sets him apart from his competitors? He’s the most popular world leader of all time with 18% more followers than China’s Xi Jinping who comes in at a close second.

Obama is an international game-changer and this is reflected in the size of his following on Twitter.

Twitter, Obama’s primary social media account, was once blocked by the Turkish government because he used it to send out messages during protests in 2013

2. Justin Biever

Over 114 Million Twitter Followers

Justin Bieber is a 20-year old Canadian singer and songwriter. He has been making music since the age of 13. His first album, My World went triple platinum in Canada when he was 15 years old.

Biever’s success on Twitter can be contributed to his over 114 million followers which include paid promotional accounts that are used to increase his following.

He has even tweeted from space!

This tweet was the first by a person in space and he took it with an iPhone strapped to Canadarm.

Twitter is not just for politicians or celebrities, it’s also important for business owners, entrepreneurs, politicians musicians like Bieber who have over 114 million followers on the micro-blogging social media platform.

3. Katy Perry

Over 110 Million Twitter Followers

Katy Perry is the first female artist to have five consecutive number one albums.

She has been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards and holds the record for most Teen Choice awards won by a woman, with 12 wins in total.

The singer also has over 100 million followers on social media platforms like Tumblr and Facebook so it’s not surprising that she would also rank in the top ten with over 110 million followers on Twitter.

A world-famous pop star, Katy Perry has over 110 million followers on Twitter.

One look at her Instagram account and you’ll see why she’s managed to amass such a huge following: just like everyone else in this list, Ms. Perry is witty (if somewhat self-deprecating), casual but never accidental, compassionate without being soft or sentimental, and undeniably glamorous.

She’s also a total foodie with an insatiable desire to take you on her eating adventures every time she visits the city of New York—which is often.

So it’s no wonder why Katy Perry has over 110 million followers on Twitter: she knows what we want to see in our timeline and delivers.

4. Rihanna

Over 102 Million Twitter Followers

Rihanna is one of the biggest pop stars on this planet and she has proven to be a savvy businesswoman with her wildly successful Fenty Beauty line. She’s got more than just music going for her too because Twitter can’t stop talking about how much they love Rihanna!

On Twitter, Rihanna has over 102 million followers and has been tweeting since around 2009.

Singer, songwriter and philanthropist. After the release of her eighth studio album Anti in 2016, Rihanna became one of few artists to achieve eight consecutive number-one albums on the U.K. charts with “Anti”, “Talk That Talk” (2011), Loud (2010), Good Girl Gone Bad'(2007), A Girl Like Me (2006), Music of the Sun(2005), and “Pon de Replay” (2004).

Rihanna is also one of only six artists to have achieved number-one singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in each year across three consecutive decades, from her first decade with ‘SOS’ in 2005, followed by four-decade later with ‘Work’ and ‘FourFive Seconds’.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo is the only sportsperson on our list. At 5th place, he has arguably been the best soccer player in all of Europe for over a decade now and his career shows nothing but success to date.

He’s had stints at some of the biggest clubs in sports including Juventus F.C., Real Madrid, Manchester United – oh yeah!

Cristiano Ronaldo is a soccer player for Real Madrid and Portugal. He has been playing since 2001 when he signed with English powerhouse Manchester United at the age of 18.

Some of his most notable honors are two consecutive Champions League titles (2008-2009), three Premier League championships (2007-2009), and one La Liga championship ( Spanish league) in the same three-year span.


Social media is a powerful tool. It can be used for marketing, networking, and more. We wanted to know which people would have the most Twitter followers in 2022.

The list goes down from there until you find yourself reading about me! I’m sure that many of you will recognize some names on this list as well-it’s not an easy feat to make it into this elite group but these folks all seem up to the task. In truth, anyone could come out ahead if they put in enough work. Cheers!


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