Popular Igala Names And Their Meanings

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In Nigeria the Igala people are considered as one of the most ancient residents of the Land.
Occupying more than 13000 Square kilometers in the Niger-Benue convergence.

Igala names are well-known just like other Nigerian native names even to date. Probably because most of their names have their unique meanings.We have put together the most popular Igala names and their interesting meanings.


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This name in igala means good luck, it is expected to attract good things to the bearer of the name.


This name is usually given to the female children in igala Kingdom. The name means: God Owns Our Breath.


This is another igala female name which simply means glory.


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This is a short and simple igala name which means Wisdom. Anyone who bears this name is expected to be wise in his/her ways.


The name Anoko in Igala means One who is Wealthy, parents who give their child this name usually expect a prosperous life for their child.


Ojimaojo means the honor of God. Anyone who bears this name is expected to have a life full of God’s goodness.


This name means one who is Strong. It is a name usually given to boys, and those who bear this name are expected to display a good level of might.


This name means warrior. Anyone who has this name is often expected to have some attributes of warriors such as persistence, focus and strength.



This is one of the very interesting names of igala, the name Akowe means the one who writes. Any child who bears this name is usually expected to be a good professional writer in the future.


Alewo means Community Voice. This is such an interesting name given to children who are expected to be good leaders and voice of their people in the future.


Enejo literally means One who is Godly. People who bear this name are usually expected to fear God and enjoy God’s protection in their dealings.


This is such an amazing name. In the Igala language, Ufedo simply means Love. Parents who want their children to have the qualities of love usually give this kind of name to their children.


In Igala Kingdom,Ichala simply means one who protects. For anyone who wants their children to be brave, selfless and protective, Ichala is the right name.


This is a very common name usually given to igala girls, it simply means admirable. This is a perfect name for a beautiful baby girl.


This is another name in igala which means Wisdom. For those who want their children to be innovative and creative this is the name to choose.


This is one of the igala names that are not so common, it simply means honor. This name is usually given to the female children of igala.


This is a female child name in igala. It means gold. Parent who consider their daughter very precious to them can give this lovely name.

From the above-listed names, I’m sure you are now aware of few Igala names that you can give your child although there are several others which you can still find out around you.


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