Most Popular Streets In Lagos, Nigeria


Truly there are countless streets and roads in the city of Lagos and some of these streets are very popular even outside Lagos State.

Even if you have not been to Lagos before it’s possible that you have heard about these places I’m about to mention.

One of the common ways you can learn about these popular places in Lagos even without visiting is through Nollywood movies.

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10 popular Streets in Lagos State, Nigeria

Lagos State is truly a lovely place to be, judging by the beautiful surroundings and the pleasant structures and works of art. Without a doubt, Lagos is really a place you should visit if you have not.

Below I present to you 10 popular Streets in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Street 1: Broad Street Located In Lagos Island

This street which is situated on Lagos Island is one of the ancient streets in Lagos State.

Broad Street is a well-known street in Lagos Island which accommodates several headquarters of financial institutions in the state.

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Also,it is well known for the tall, beautiful and fascinating structures that are built on it, the street is filled with different elegant and breathtaking buildings that will make any passerby to take a second look.

Street 2: Allen Avenue Located In Ikeja

For years, Allen Avenue remains one of the most recognized streets of Lagos, it has several links to other major streets in Ikeja like Adeniyi Jones and Opebi. Lots of social events and activities happen on this street daily,you will find lots of bars, night clubs, hotels, restaurants and amazing building structures on this street, you surely do not want to miss out on this one.

Street 3: Ademola Adetokunbo Street

This is another popular street in Lagos which was named after an ex Chief Justice of Nigeria;
Adetokunbo Adegboyega Ademola and his Royal Highness King Ladapo Ademola who is his son.


This street is well known for its beautiful structures and buildings, there’s hardly a day without major events and activities on this street. There are also restaurants, shopping malls and banks on this street.

Street 4: Toyin Street

This is another popular street located in Ikeja. Here you can enjoy great delicacies from local restaurants to sophisticated restaurants, there are varieties of hotels and clubs you can choose from. This is a good place to hang out with your loved ones during your stay in Lagos. Top places where you can enjoy yourself on this street are Water Park, Ibris Hotel and Domino Pizza.

Street 5: Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue

This is one of the most beautiful streets in Victoria Island. You will find high-class hotels and structures on this street. I’m sure you must have heard about a residential building of 4000 flats in Lagos, this building is located on Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue.

Street 7 Adeola Odeku Located In V.I.

This is a street on Victoria Island that you will really love to see. The street has a way of making you feel refreshed,calm and cool with the kind of breeze that blows away one’s uneasiness and trouble. Several shopping malls, newspaper vendors, financial institutions offices, event centres are on this street. It’s a very good place for those who love strolling.

Street 8: Ogunlana Drive Located In Surulere

As far as Lagos is concerned, Ogunlana drive is one of the ancient streets located in Surulere. The street accommodates several financial offices, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and corporate bodies. Also, there are lots of modern and beautiful structures on this street. Truly, it’s a place you should visit.

Street 9: Adeniran Ogunsanya Street Located In Surulere

Adeniran Ogunsanya Street is recognised as the most visited street in the area of Surulere. Also, visitors troop into this street day by day for shopping as there are countless shopping malls on this street including the famous ShopRite mall.

Street 9: Bode Thomas Street.

Bode Thomas is one of the most popular Streets of Lagos State. The name of the street is derived from the name of a popular politician in Nigeria whose name is Chief Bode Thomas. Also, the street is close to the well known Iponri market in Lagos and it is a very good location for residence.

Street 10: Isaac John Street Ikeja GRA.

This street has beautiful and elegant structures which include restaurants and bars, hotels, supermarkets, eateries, etc.

Both foreign and local visitors will love to see this street during their stay in Lagos.


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