How to port to MTN from any Network (Glo, 9mobile, Airtel) 2021


Porting telephone number is a telecom consumer facility advancement Nationwide, to give telecom services customers in Nigeria more power to be able to switch at will to the network of choice for whatever reasons.

Mobile number porting allows telco subscribers to be able to switch to any of the service providers of choice, between networks if for any reason you would like to port your phone number from Glo, 9mobile, Airtel to MTN for whatever reason, this guide might just be all you need.

MTN is one of Nigeria’s strongest telecommunications providers, the South African telecom operator has a broad network coverage not just in Nigeria, also in several other African countries, and with MTN, customers are shoveled with data and other freebies, which may be while some might want to port to the network.

It is important to note that the implementation of the portage number service disables all telephony benefits offered by the prior provider at the end of the operation. It only takes about 15 minutes to 20 minutes before the operation is changed.

How Mobile Portability Works

The submission is created for users who already have active contracts,  so it is quite important to later request mobile number porting.

The owner of the mobile number shall ask for the service. The service is provided for each operator’s geographic numbers given that the relative numbering unlock code is provided.

The current regional number manager must provide the porting code for the new provider’s manager.

Requirements to Port to MTN from other NetWork

  1. The phone number or SIM you want to port
  2. Valid means of Identification
  3. Some money in case

How to Apply for Number Porting to MTN from other Networks

  1. Walk into any MTN outlet Nationwide and request to Port your Phone number to MTN
  2. Present your Valid ID card which may be National ID card, International Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s Card
  3. You will be handed a port in form, fill the form and submit back to the MTN operative
  4. You may also be requested to send ‘PORT’ to 3232 by SMS or dial 3232 on your number

That completes your mobile porting process, and you should be moved to your new network in less than 24 hours.

We hope you find this guide on How to port to MTN from any Network (Glo, 9mobile, Airtel) very useful, if you have any more concerns, you are welcome to use the comment sections below.


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