Prices of Toyota cars in Nigeria in June 2021


In this article, you read about the prices of Toyota cars in Nigeria for this month. This list is always been updated and it is current. the prices you see here are the same and more accurate then the prices you will get from vendors.

The Toyota brand is known to be one of the most popular car producers in Nigeria. It is known to be a leader in Nigeria’s automobile industry. The Toyota car brand is known for its ruggedity, durability, class, and efficiency. When it comes to price comparison between Toyota car brands and other brands like Volvo, Ford, and Mercedes you find out that Toyota’s brand is a little less expensive and affordable to a greater portion of the Nigerian population.

The Toyota car brand is known to be one of the best selling car brands in Nigeria today.
it is the truth that Toyota car brands have taken over the automobile industry but it doesn’t just stop there this brand is evolving with speedy wheels, gears, and high-end specs.

Toyota car brand in Nigeria have been unconsciously tagged to be the car brand for average people while brands like Mercedes as for rich people and this is because of the price attached to it. Toyota cars are known to be one of the most cars in the market today that has minimal fuel consumption capacity which makes it different from other car brands.

In the Toyota car company a brand of Toyota that is popularly known by lots of people and is said to be the highest-selling Toyota Car. This brand of Toyota vehicles is very solid just as the latest models and is known to be more durable rugged and can easily access bad Nigerian roads which makes it the perfect fit for most Nigerians that want to acquire a car. Nigerians want to buy cars that were enabled them to drive on the pothole infested roads and wouldn’t drain their money fixing the car. Toyota car brand is known to be the first choice of Nigerian automobile users.

So the question is how much do Toyota cars cost in the market in this month? The answer of the question is basically that Toyota cars different prices due to their different specifications but what makes much difference is the year of the model that you want to buy. However, in plain terms getting a Toyota car would cost between N25 to 30 million.

Toyota models like muscle version are currently available in the market why some of the older versions of this automobile brand might not be found in the market unless it’s the used version.

Some premium brands of Toyota are being released after their manufacturing biannually while Toyota Camry is being released on a yearly basis. Toyota vehicle company keeps producing Toyota Camry versions due to the high demand it gets that version and people like it because of it advanced style.

An illustration of the explanation above is that if you want to get a popular 2008 model of Toyota car it will be the second-hand value which is being sold at N1.5 million but it might not be available because it is running out of stock currently another option for you might be to get the new one or the latest model which you can find at the manufacturer or distributors that get from abroad.

The fluctuation in prices of Toyota cars is because of the exchange rates of Nigerian currency and dollar, another contributing factor is custom clearance fee and high tariffs that is being put in place to checkmate the import in the country. All these factors may lead to a high cost for Toyota cars.

Price of foreign used Toyota cars

Most people prefer buying fairly used foreign cars because of its retained value and cheaper price in comparison to getting brand new ones. It is said that the fairly used products last longer and is more durable than the new ones. These foreign used car brands have now saturated the market.

Foreign used Toyota car brands might not be the cheapest all the most affordable because it all depends on the production year and model. there are also other factors that contribute to the varieties and price of Toyota car brands and they include fuel consumption, distributor, mileage, condition of the car, and others. The above-listed factors play a very important roll in deciding the price. Therefore there is no specific price for foreign used Toyota cars.


Foreign used Toyota Corolla Price list in Nigeria

Model year


Tokunbo ToyotaCorolla LE Automatic 2005 price N1,700,000 – N2,500,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla S 2005 price N1,800,000 – N2,600,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 1.3 2005 price N1,900,000 – N2,400,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 1.8 2006 price N2,000,000 – N2,500,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla LE Automatic 2007 price N2,000,000 – N2,600,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla CE 2007 price N1,800,000 – N2,300,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 1.8 VVTL-i 2008 price N2,900,000 – N3,500,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2009 price N1,800,000 – N3,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 1.3 2010 price N2,600,000 – N3,600,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2011 price N2,000,000 – N2,800,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla LE Automatic 2012 price N4,500,000 – N5,200,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla  2013 price N4,000,000 – N5,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla Automatic 2014 price N7,500,000 – N8,500,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2014 price N6,000,000 – N6,500,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla LE Automatic 2015 price N6,600,000 – N7,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla S Automatic 2015 price N6,300,000 – N7,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2016 price N6,000,000 – N7,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla Automatic 2016 price N7,500,000 – N8,500,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2017 price N12,000,000 – N15,000,000
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2018 price N12,000,000 – N17,000,000
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2019 price To be updated…

Prices of Nigerian used Toyota cars

It is a known fact that Nigerian used Toyota car brands are quite cheaper and affordable than the foreign used once this is because of the durability of both. Nigerian used cars are always in bad shape, unlike the foreign used ones. people prefer tokunbo cars because the Nigerian used ones are not trustworthy. Nigerian used vehicles are always having some faults that you might not find out before you buy them.

however, the factors that will affect the prices listed here include the fuel economy, the mileage, the year of production, and the condition of the car.

however, in this post I’ll be listing the price of Nigerian used Toyota vehicles alongside their years and models.
See list:

  • Toyota Camry – 2015 model – N5 million.
  • Toyota Camry – 2017 model – N7 million.
  • Toyota Camry – 2014 model – N5 million.
  • Toyota Camry – 2012 model – N3.5 million
  • Toyota Camry – 2011 model – N1.4 million
  • Toyota Camry – 2007 model (Camry Muscle) – N2 million
  • Toyota Camry – (2002 to 2006 models) – N1.1 million
  • Toyota Camry – 1996 (Camry Orobo) – N350 thousand.


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