Quickteller Loan: USSD code, Interest Rate, Application, Repayment


Quickteller Loan

There have been lots of good news flying around about the loan service recently introduced by the top online payment system Quickteller.  So we decided to analyse things a little bit better for those who might want to explore the opportunity.

Base on the experience of other people which we based this review, quickteller loan proves to be a very reliable one.

It is basically for those who are looking for a short term loan, like a pa day loan or microloan to fill in the gap till salary or emolument is paid.

You do not have to apply for Quickteller loans in Nigeria with collaterals or a guarantor like what is obtainable with most commercial banks in Nigeria.

You easily apply for a quickteller loan on your mobile by visiting the quickteller website or by dialing the quickteller loan USSD code on your mobile phone.

Let’s dive into more information about quickteller loan so you can have a clearer understanding.

Loan offer

Please mind that quickteller is short term lending service. This means that you have to pay back quickly, usually in less than 15 to 30 days. At the time of putting together this review, You can nly get N1000 to N10,000 maximum from quicktellerloan.l

USSD code

Quickteller loan USSD code is made available for mobile users who would like to initiate their loan application on a mobile phone that is not connected to the internet, the short service code is made available for anyone who is interested in getting quickteller loan in minutes.

The quickteller loan USSD code is *322*6#. Simply dial the code on your phone registered with your bank and BVN details to apply for a quickteller loan.

How to apply for quickteller loan online

  • If you already have a quickteller account you need to visit the website and login, if you do not already have an account, simply create a quickteller account.
  • The next thing is to visit the loan section of the website @  https://www.quickteller.com/loan-request


  • Key in the amount your wish to borrow from quickteller, also input your account number and select your bank from the dropdown below it, then click on the blue continue button
  • Key in your bank card details (your card number , date of expiration and CVV code at the back of the card)
  • Tap the “Accept offer” button
  • Once you are approved you will get your loan in minutes, it might take a little bit later, be patient to hear from them.

Interest Rate

  • Offer: N1000- N10,000
  • Interest Rate: 15%
  • Validity: 14 days/2 weeks


You may require your banking data, presumably accessing your bank details and transactions to determine whether or not you qualify using your credit score.


It is very possible that you are automatically debited on the loan due date, you can as well pay back your quickteller loan via the quickteller website. You can as well contact the team at quickteller for more information on repayment of loans.


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