Reeve Meloche Biography: Age, Career, Net Worth, Facts


Reeve Meloche is a teenage social media influencer from America. He is the sibling of recent YouTube stars: Hannah and Ella. Hannah and Ella are known for the videos they upload on YouTube from time to time under the name: Meloche Sisters.

So in the same way, Reeve has also gained some level of popularity on social media platforms.

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Birth & Early Life

Reeve was born on the 15th day of May 2006 in the United States of America.

His father is Andrew Meloche and his mother is Nicole Gregory. Reeve has a total of four other siblings: two sisters: Hannah and Ella, and two brothers; Andrew and Jack.

Presently, we don’t have much information about his personal life and his educational background.

But regarding his age, he is likely still schooling even with his social media career.

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While he was growing up, Reeve loved to swim, playing the bowling game, listening to good music and engaging in sports generally. The music band he enjoys listening to most is “Mood 5”

Going by the videos Reeve uploads, it appears he shares a strong bond with his other siblings.
He also loves pets judging by the several pictures of per he posts online.

Despite the fact that he just started his journey on social media, his name is already very popular online.

Together with his brothers, Reeve owns a YouTube channel and he usually posts pictures on his Instagram platform.

Sometimes, he would appear on his sisters’ page or make them feature on his own page.

It is safe to say the social media is now good for teenagers, youths and even the oldies to air their thoughts, showcase their talents and gifts and earn a huge number of fans who enjoy one’s activities.


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Without doubts, Reeve’s inspiration to start doing something for himself on social media came from his family.

His sisters are very popular on different social media platforms with a good number of fans following and as Reeve too has commenced his social media works, his following is rapidly increasing.

In the month of February 2015, Reeve and his brothers started their YouTube channel and named the channel: ‘The JAR bros.’

The acronym JAR is the mix of the initials of the Meloche brothers’ names. Their YouTube channel started with a challenge video that they titled “‘What’s in my mouth challenge!’

And after this, the brothers uploaded other content and more challenge videos.
Asides these, they also do room tours, life Vlogs, and Q&A videos.

Presently the number of subscribers on their YouTube channel is over 4000, this may not be impressive enough but the good thing is that this YouTube channel is been operated by three teenagers and they seem to be catching the attention of many Youtube users.

Most possibly, they may invent content that is more mature and appealing as their age increases.

Wiki Data

  • Reeve Date of Birth: 15th of May, 2006
  • Reeve’s Age: 13 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Place Of Birth: United States
  • Well Known as Vlogger

Parents | Family

Her father’s name is Andrew Meloche and her mother is Nicole Gregory, She grew up alongside other siblings namely Ella, Hannah, Andrew, And Jack.

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Net Worth

In accordance with reports from reliable online sources like Forbes and IMDb, Reeve has an estimated net worth of $42million.


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