5 Richest Companies in the World (2021)


In this post, we are to be going through the list of the richest companies in the world and we’ll be bringing you the most comprehensive list in this post so, stay tuned.

The list of the richest companies in the world is my consolidated 2020 revenue which is according to the fortune global 500 which its latest edition was published on the 10th of August 2020. top American retail corporation known as Walmart has been leading the least since 2014 as the world’s richest company by revenue.

Dodo’s official list of the richest companies and the world is being limited to only the top 50 companies and these companies have annual revenues that exceed 123 billion dollars. most of these top 50 richest companies in the world are either from China or in the United States.

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Only the companies in the world that report their figures to government agencies or publish their financial data are included. That is why this list is not complete because it excludes multinational companies like Koch Industries, Vigil, Cargill, and Schwartz group because they refused to publish their financial data.

Over the past centuries and decades, there are some firms or corporations that have true hard work share diligence, and strong resilience built their Brand from scratch off to the peak of its bloom and the global center stage is that it is on this current day.

These companies have become a big influence on the financial economy of today’s world and they also influence some charitable causes around the world.

By the market value of these companies after their total outstanding shares a big calculator, you will determine the richest companies that exist in today’s world in 2020 and this is being calculated and billions of US dollars.

Let’s take a brief look at some of these richest companies in the world in 2020:

1. Walmart

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Walmart is known as one of the biggest American companies and one of the largest companies in the world by market capitalization.

Walmart began as a small discount store in just a location and within the half past century, it has risen to a higher rank with several outlets in every state in the United States.

This company employs over 2 million workers through the national chain and is known to be highly active pertaining to philanthropy. It donates generously to charitable causes throughout the nation.

Walmart has put into implementation several new marketing strategies which include online shopping through an online ordering system and e-commerce format with even a parking lot pick up for its customers who choose not to enter the building.

2. Proctor and Gamble


Procter and Gamble have been active as a corporation since the 5th of May 1905 making it one of the oldest companies you can find on this list.

This company is more than a century-year-old yet it develops packaged goods that are branded for consumers on a global level and supplies to over 189 countries.

Bee supply retailers with their skincare products which feature brands like olay, old spice, and others it also supplies styling aids, hair care, grooming products, shaving appliances, and also hair care products under well-known and prominent brand names.

3. Royal dutch shell

Royal dutch shell plc is a highly prominent oil and gas company that is actively involved in the production of natural gas.

This oil company engages in all the functionalities undertaken by oil-producing companies which include upstream-downstream and corporate integrated gas.

shell company manages the exploration for natural gas crude oil and natural gas liquids and it also involved in the extraction of oil and gas resources and the total conversion of natural gas in these countries into liquid fuels.

4. Samsung

Samsung electronic company is a renowned technological conglomerate in the world that sells manufactures and supplies computer electronics and peripherals around the world.

This company is one of the richest companies in the world that has multiple divisions in cooperation which includes consumer electronics like air conditioners, televisions, printers, household appliances, monitors, Mobile communications, information technology, and device solutions.

5. Exxon Mobil

This company is known to be one of the wealthiest companies in the world but its focus is solely on the distribution of responsible fuel and the provision of energy to the world.

Sony specialized in the exploration of oil and natural gas in the world and the production of quality chemical products. They also venture into research and development of Earth-friendly technologies which should be involved in the oil and gas exploration and production.

List of richest companies in the world and revenues in 2020

Rank Name Industry Revenue Profit Employees Country
USD millions USD millions
1 Walmart Retail Increase $523,964 $14,881 2,200,000 United States
2 Sinopec Group Oil and gas Decrease $407,009 $6,793 582,648 China
3 State Grid Electricity Decrease $383,906 $7,970 907,677 China
4 China National Petroleum Oil and gas Decrease $379,130 $4,433 1,344,410 China
5 Royal Dutch Shell Oil and gas Decrease $352,106 $15,842 83,000 Netherlands
6 Saudi Aramco Oil and gas Decrease $329,784 $88,211 79,000 Saudi Arabia
7 Volkswagen Automotive Increase $282,760 $15,542 671,205 Germany
8 BP Oil and gas Decrease $282,610 $4,026 72,500 United Kingdom
9 Amazon Retail Increase $280,522 $11,588 798,000 United States
10 Toyota Automotive Increase $275,288 $19,096 359,542 Japan
11 ExxonMobil Oil and gas Decrease $264,938 $14,340 74,900 United States
12 Apple Electronics Decrease $260,174 $55,256 137,000 United States
13 CVS Health Healthcare Increase $256,776 $26,634 290,000 United States
14 Berkshire Hathaway Financials Increase $254,616 $81,417 391,500 United States
15 UnitedHealth Healthcare Increase $242,155 $13,839 325,000 United States
16 McKesson Healthcare Increase $231,051 $900 70,000 United States
17 Glencore Commodities Decrease $215,111 -$404 88,246 Switzerland
18 China State Construction Construction Increase $205,839 $3,333 335,038 China
19 Samsung Electronics Electronics Decrease $197,705 $18,453 287,439 South Korea
20 Daimler Automotive Decrease $193,346 $2,661 298,655 Germany
21 Ping An Insurance Financials Increase $184,280 $21,627 372,194 China
22 AT&T Telecommunications Increase $181,193 $13,903 247,800 United States United States
23 AmerisourceBergen Healthcare wholesale Increase $179,589 $855 21,500 United States
24 ICBC Financials Increase $177,069 $45,194 445,106 China
25 Total Oil and gas Decrease $176,249 $11,267 107,776 France
26 Foxconn Electronics Decrease $172,869 $3,731 754,404 Taiwan
27 Trafigura Commodities Decrease $171,474 $872 5,106 Singapore Singapore
28 Exor Holding company Decrease $162,754 $3,417 268,979 Netherlands
29 Alphabet Internet Increase $161,857 $34,343 118,899 United States
30 China Construction Bank Financials Increase $158,884 $38,610 370,169 China
31 Ford Automotive Decrease $155,900 $47 190,000 United States
32 Cigna Healthcare Increase $153,566 $5,104 73,700 United States
33 Costco Retail Increase $152,703 $3,659 201,500 United States
34 AXA Financials Increase $148,984 $4,317 99,843 France France
35 Agricultural Bank of China Financials Increase $147,313 $30,701 467,631 China China
36 Chevron Oil and gas Decrease $146,516 $2,924 48,200 United States
37 Cardinal Health Pharmaceutical distribution Increase $145,534 $41,363 49,500 United States United States
38 JPMorgan Chase Financials Increase $142,422 $36,431 256,981 United States
39 Honda Automotive Decrease $137,332 $4,192 218,674 Japan Japan
40 General Motors Automotive Decrease $137,237 $6,732 164,000 United States
41 Walgreens Boots Alliance Retail Increase $136,866 $3,982 287,000 United States
42 Mitsubishi Conglomerate Decrease $135,940 $4,924 86,098 Japan
43 Bank of China Financials Increase $135,091 $27,127 309,384 China
44 Verizon Telecommunications Increase $131,244 $19,265 135,000 United States
45 China Life Insurance Insurance Increase $131,244 $4,660 180,401 China
46 Allianz Financials Increase $130,359 $8,858 147,268 Germany
47 Microsoft Computer Software Increase $125,843 $39,420 144,000 United States
48 Marathon Petroleum Oil and gas Increase $124,813 $2,637 60,910 United States
49 Huawei Electronics Increase $124,316 $9,062 194,000 China China
50 China Railway Engineering Corporation Construction Increase $123,324 $1,535 302,394 China



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