Top 5 Richest Footballers in Nigeria 2021


Who are the richest footballers in Nigeria today? You’re just about to find out!

When the topic of any heated conversation is African football, no one would overlook the valuable contributions made by prominent Nigerian footballers.

Strikingly, football has evolved beyond merely sporting activity, and this is illustrated by how big profits are earned by footballers (including Nigerian footballers).

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Every young Nigerian soccer player is excited about discovering the shores of rich continents (such as Europe, America, and Asia) where soccer players are highly paid.

This remains constantly credible because all of Nigeria’s richest and most prominent footballers have taken their careers beyond the boundaries of Nigeria.

If you are a young Nigerian footballer, you should have the ultimate passion to play in top football clubs in Europe, Asia or America. Without any hesitation, some of the wealthiest footballers on the African continent are Nigerians.

In this regard, addressing the richest footballers in Nigeria and how these blessed athletes have taken their careers outside their fatherland is always thrilling. This article deals thoroughly with Nigeria’s top ten Richest Footballers.

As a noteworthy point, these athletes may not be the highest-paid Nigerian footballers, but they are probably the wealthiest Nigerian footballers based on endorsements, earnings and other fortunes they have won so far in their careers.

Top 5 Richest Football Players in Nigeria

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1. John Mikel Obi- Net Worth: $57 Million

Mikel Obi, who started his soccer career in Nigeria, is currently the wealthiest soccer player in Nigeria. His football career started in the Norwegian football club of Lyon Oslo.

John Obi Mikel had a spectacular appearance in a youth world cup several years ago, after which his impressive performance won him honor as the competition’s second most valuable player.

After that, Chelsea, an English soccer club, showed an interest in the Nigerian star. He eventually joined Chelsea from the Norwegian club mentioned above. Mikel’s Chelsea spell turned to be one of his important football moments.

His extended 10-year-old Chelsea stay brought him massive wealth and unparalleled popularity as one of the world’s most prominent Nigerian footballers.

While Mikel Obi has no notable individual awards to his credit, the Nigerian star is lucky to have won multiple major trophies with Chelsea, based in London.

Mikel Obi is currently playing for Tianjin Teda – the Chinese team where he earns huge annual income of £ 8.4 million.

One would easily assume that John Mikel Obi is incredibly wealthy with this exquisite salary base. While being a Nigerian, Mikel Obi is in a deep marital affair with Abrahimovic’s Russian model and kid – a Rich Russian man and owner of Chelsea, based in London.

Mikel is believed to have spent five years in this marital affair. The relationship (between Mikel and the Russian model) has led to a male child so far.

About his personal values, Mikel is often seen as a guy who likes expensive properties and because of that, he owns a range of colorful cars in Nigeria and London, combined with other assets. Mikel Obi, with a net worth of $57 million, is arguably Nigerian descent’s richest footballer.


2. Obafemi Martins- Net Worth: $35 Million

Obafemi Martins is a well-known Nigerian footballer. He moved from Nigeria to Europe when he was 16 years old, where he played for a couple of soccer clubs. Obafemi Martins, who is in his early thirties, has proved his worth on continents like Asia, America and Europe as a professional football player.

His success in different soccer clubs has made him the Nigerian footballer with the largest number of clubs played for the past 16 years. Obafemi Martins joined Seattle Sounder’s Chinese-based Shanghai Shenhua team nearly two years ago – an MLS leg.

He is estimated to receive a whopping £ 8.4 million a year at Shanghai Shenhua. Martins was recorded with an estimated net worth of $35 million during his spell on the side of the MLS [ Seattle Sounder ].

3. Victor Moses- Net Worth: $20.1 Million

Victor Moses is a Nigerian professional football player who plays as a winger for both England’s Chelsea FC and the national team in Nigeria.

He’s been in Chelsea for years, but his Chelsea career has seen him in many other English clubs including Liverpool and West Ham serve loan spells so far.It is mainly as a brave and committed footballer that Victor Moses is seen.

Elsewhere, his praiseworthy results led to the victory of Chelsea as the 2017 EPL champions, giving Conte a productive debut season as the coach of Chelsea.

At present, the net worth of Victor Moses is valued at around $20.1 million. While football is his main source of income, Victor Moses increases his wealth on an annual basis with several approval deals valued at over $1 million.

4. Ahmed Musa- Net Worth: $18 Million

Ahmed Musa is a Hausa born Nigerian soccer player. He is currently playing for both CSKA Moscow (a Russian soccer club) and the National Team of Nigeria as a forward.

Ahmed Musa started his football journey to Nigeria as a professional footballer and earned his move to the European continent in 2010, where he is now playing as a striker on the mentioned Russian side.

Ahmed Musa finished his move from CSKA Moscow to Leicester City, based in England, during the 2016/2017 football season in Europe. But the Nigerian star finally made his way back to CSKA Moscow because of his inability to succeed at the English club.

Ahmed Musa, following Islamic traditions, chose to marry a second wife in order to make him a polygamous man.

His wife Jamila, however, protested to this planned move and the pair eventually separated in April 2017. Ahmed Musa, now married to some other woman, is known as a successful Nigerian footballer with a net worth of $18 million.

5. Emmanuel Emenike- Net Worth: $18 Million

Emmanuel Emenike is one of the Nigerian descent’s prolific soccer players. He is currently playing for both the Nigeria national team and Fenerbahce based in Turkey as a striker. Emenike has undeniably played a key role in the Nigerian squad that won the 2013 AFCON competition.

Emenike is known as a top-class striker for his physique and the ability to pressure defenders on the pitch. Emmanuel Emenike was once a victim of racial discrimination when he was branded as a monkey by some people on his club side.

Given how ludicrous this was, Emenike gave a surprising and amusing response suggesting that they should not hesitate to mark him as a wealthy monkey next time.

Thankfully, Emenike’s club-level success has won him massive wealth, making him one of Nigeria’s richest footballers.

His current net worth is valued at $18 million, and sources claim he likes to appear alongside musicians and other Nigerian dignitaries at grandiose parties.


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