Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria


The slang “Yahoo Boys” in Nigeria Means Desperate young internet fraudsters and sometimes young blood money ritualists.

This is when a person is making his or her money online by defrauding people And becoming rich overnight.

These kinds of people are very lavish in term of spending money, they buy very high-quality products like clothes, shoes, cars, houses, chains and so many other flashy things which make them very different among the public.

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These are people who can afford a drink worth millions amount of money at a time. They don’t really care about money even its value.

Most of these people are very strict in terms of helping people. They never help people because they believe they are not meant to share their money with other people, except themselves.

The love moving with people with high-quality things just like themselves. Seeing Yahoo boys, you will definitely know them through there characters and even the way they behave in society.

They don’t associate much with people. They love big things, they spend most of their time clubbing, Drinking, and Parting.

Most people join yahoo because of their lazy attitude. Love of money also causes most young men to go into it.

Apart from illegally getting money from other people, scamming them to get a huge amount of money, the risk of it is more dangerous than the money getting from it.

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Also, this kind of job is illegal In fact anyone trace with the job will be handled by the government. This kind of job is strictly not advisable for our youth.

Here are the top 10 Richest Yahoo boys in Nigeria:

Ray Hushpuppi

He is the richest yahoo boy in Nigeria. Hushpuppi was born and raised in Lagos State, which claimed to be born in June 14, 1988.

He is well known as Aja 4 or Aja pappy while is real name is Raymond Igbalode. His father is a taxi driver while his mother is a bread baker.

He is very popular and most sociaLite and And most money spending guy. He’s Spending doesn’t have a limit. He usually goes for the best quality.

He drives the best cars, best shoes and like best clothes i.e Gucci and so on, which he spent most of his money on.

Hushpuppi was claimed to be born into a very poor family, In fact, he was told he suffers a lot before he later got an opportunity to travel out and hustle in Malaysia for like 4 years.

Hushpuppi doesn’t care about spending money In fact he brags about his money and lives a very expensive life. Hushpuppi claims to be humble despite his wealth. His net worth is not made known to the public.

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2. Ismalai Momphai

He is also one of the biggest Yahoo boys in Nigeria. He loves showcasing his money wherever he goes And spends most on his money on high quality products. Momphai is a popular businessman owning several businesses.

Ismalai also own a very big bureau de change in Lagos Where he help to change different types of currency.

He is a family man who loves to give advice to both young and old man and woman about business and how they should live their lives meaningful.

Anyway, Ismalai source of money is not known but he is known even on social media how he spent money on best quality and show them off and spend money anyhow.


3. Shy boss

He is one of the top socialite who love to showcase his wealth More online. He is also known as beast in terms of spending money.

Anyway, his source of money is still hidden but well know online, he spends his money lavishly. He has over 180,000 followers on his Instagram Page.

4. Baddy Oosha

His real name is Badmus Akeem. He is one of the richest yahoo boys in Nigeria. He is a musician and has worked with many Nigeria Artists. Also He has done collaboration with Lil Leah, Olamide, 9ice.

He has also Worked in the movie industry as an Actor. His base in Malaysia. He has over 1.1 million followers on his Instagram Page.

5. King Jide

He is base in South Africa, He is popularly known as King Mayor Of Cape Town. King Jide is also known as the Gucci King and Gucci Ambassador in Nigeria.

He has many followers on social media,and spend his money lavishly. His net worth is aroundl $20 million US dollars.

6. Opa 6ix

He is known as Olusegun Akinola Opaogun. He is definitely one of the biggest Yahoo boys in Nigeria. He has quite large number of social media followers Who sees him as a mentor.

He spends most of his money on drinks, cars, high quality clothes and many others expensive properties.

Olusegun Akinola has also been acknowledged by most Nigerian artists such as 9ice, Small Doctor and Reminisce. He has over 180,000 followers on his Instagram Page.

7. Aremo Gucci

He is a lover of Gucci fashion band just like Hushpuppi. He spent more of his money on expensive drinks, cars, Houses and many more of high quality.

Aremo Gucci has most of social media followers on Instagram and twitter. He is the richest yahoo boys in Lagos.

8. B Naira

He is a Nigeria Hip Hop artist which was born and brought up in Lagos State, Nigeria. He has his own record label which he made money from.

He became very famous after his hit track title (Jazi. He also go for the best quality and more expensive clothes, cars, drinks etc. B Naira has over 1.2 million followers on his Instagram page. Net Worth not disclosed.

9. Investor Bj

BJ is one of the richest yahoo boys in Nigeria. He is very popular and has only one girl friend. He also like showing himself and usually go for expensive products.

He also loves flirting especially with girls, he loves girl and take much care of them, even buy them very expensive materials likes clothes, shoes, phone, bags, and even buy most of them cars. Investor BJ is very generous to people especially his fans.

10. Deskid Wayne

His simply the youngest yahoo boys in Nigeria. He spends money lavishly, also he loves going for very expensive materials. He also has many followers on social media which they see him as a mentor.

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