Ron White Biography & Net worth 2021


Ron White popularly known by the name Tater Salad, is a comedian and actor. His funny roles of Cigar-smoking, and scotch-drinking brought him into prominence.

Funny Ron White was born on the 18th of December 1956 to the family of Barbara Joan and Charles Don white in Fritch, Texas.

White enrolled in the U.S force at the age of 17 after which he was assigned to be on the subsidiary rescue ship and salvage ship of the Basalt Rock Company USS conserver at the tail end of Vietnam War

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He attended Deer Park High School close to Houston in Texas and graduated in the year 1976.

Speaking of how he started his comic journey, it all began in the month of September 1986, when Ron visited a comedy club which had an open mike In Arlington, Texas,
Ron was then persuaded by his friend to tell jokes to the audience at the club. Unknown to Ron, Jeff Foxworthy who is presently a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour was in the audience.

It appears the unique talent of Ron White could not go unnoticed as he eventually joined the likes of  Bill Engvall,Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry the Cable Guy on a Blue Collar comedy Tour from year 2000(startedjanuary) to year 2003(march).

The Comedy Tour show made over the huge sum of $15 million after it was well received in about 90 cities in the US.

The television pilot for the show dubbed ”The Ron White Show, ” aired on the WB T.v Network in 2005. This show incorporated a good number of celebrity cartoons, Sketches and cameos.

In the year 2019, Ron White spent most of his time touring from one location to the other. Some of these places are:

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New Mexico;
New York;
Indiana and
New Jersey.

Ron White Marriage

Ron White’s initial marriage was to Lori Bruce within the years 1981 to 1993. After this, he went on to marry Barbara Dobbs within the years 2004 to 2008.


Following this, he advanced to the third marriage with Mexican songwriter and singer; Margo Rey within the years 2013 to 2017.

Ron White Family

Through his very first wife: Lori Bruce, Ron White has a son whose name is Marshall.

Net worth

Presently, the famous comedian has an estimated worth of $64 million. Ron White gets a major part of his income from the several blue collar tours he does often.

His income for the year of 2013 alone was estimated to be $10 million. Asides this, he also earned a huge sum of $500,000 from his famous album titled ‘Drunk in Public’.

The comedian Ron White is well known for the hard work, strength and uniqueness that are evident in his career.

Presently, going by his huge networth, Ron White is regarded as the richest comedian that has ever been.

Although his marital life has been full of ups and downs right from his first marriage, yet he does not allow his personal problems affect his jokes delivery to his audience as he usually gives his best.

Asides this, White also has a very friendly and lovely personality perhaps this is the reason he seems to have women dance to his tune.


Asides his works which has been nominated for Grammy Awards on different occasions, below are some of the achievements of the amazing comedian: Ron White

  • In March 2009, He was given ‘Parrot Award’ by the Armed Forces Foundation.
  • Also, Texas Legislative Officials declared 27th of April 2009 as Ron White’s Day.
  • Ron White Works
  • The solo work ‘A Little Unprofessional’ was released in the year 2012 in DVD.
  • In 2018, he released another solo work titled ‘If You Quit Listening, I’ll Shut Up’
  • In 2003, he released the project titled Drunk in Public in CD format


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