Samuel Eto’o Biography: Age, Marriage, Wife, Net Worth, Children, Facts


Samuel Eto’o is popular as an international soccer player from Africa, read on to find out more interesting facts about him, find out how he started his football career, his place of birth and Nationality, his net worth, parents, siblings, and other interesting facts about him.

Samuel Eto’o Biography: Age | Place of Birth

Cameroon Superstar Striker Samuel Eto’o is a native of Douala, Cameron and was born on the 10th of March 1981.

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Eto was born by a fishmonger named Christine Eto’o married David Eto’o the father of Samuel Eto’o.

Samuel Eto’o Education | Career

Samuel Eto’o while growing up has a passion for football, this made him join Kadji academy in his home country right at an early age.

Samuel who was passionate and focused in his first four football years career, was seriously trying to make himself known as both local and international footballer he had to travel to France in 1996 in order to take further his football pursuit but the offer didn’t turn well, he spent his time in France as an illegal immigrant due lack of passport why trying to seek a perfect football career in the country.

The immigrant who went through a lot of downstream in both France and Spain before he saw the light of the day in the world of football.

Samuel Eto’o Contracts

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Samuel Eto’o was spotted by Real Madrid Scouts in 1977, started from team B in Spain. After a while his team was relegated and there was low or no chances for him to make it to the next level in order to improve summer latest performance in the club Real Madrid had to send him on loan on different occasions, he was loaned to Leganes, Espanyol and maloca where his potential was discovered.

Marloca secured his signing in the year 2000 for a Deal worth £4.4 million. After completing his move to Marlorca Samuel Eto’o scored 11 goals that season which gave him the recognition in LaLiga.

Samuel Eto’o was captured by Barcelona in 2003 following is unveiling performance in Marlorca in 2001-2002 and in 2003. At this level is international recognition was already on the high following his brilliant performances in both the African Nations Cup and in Europe.


His switch to Barcelona seems to be the beginning of his fame as a football star and a Barca legend.

Samuel eto’o’s outstanding performance in 2003 made him the African best player of the year which gave him the first global recognition and drive Barcelona into a golden era.

Samuel Eto’o Wedding to Georgette Tra Lou

Samuel Eto’o’s heartthrob is Georgette Tra Lou who has been Eto’o’s childhood lover. Georgette derive pleasure in supporting and sharing her husband’s adventure.

Georgette Tra Lou and Samuel had a traditional wedding in 2004 in Milan while the white wedding was done a decade after the white wedding.

Samuel Eto’o Children

Eto’o is a father of five children while Georgette Tra Lou was the mother of four children namely; Maelle, Etienne, Sienna and Lynn.

Samuel Eto’o in between…

An Italian hairdresser who’s name is Barranca was Samuel Eto’o baby mama during his time at Inter Milan also gave birth to Annie whose father is Eto’o.

In 2014, during eto’o’s time at Inter Milan, there was speculation ranging about his real age, which made is coach Josie Mourinho then gave a controversial verdict on what the Cameroon Superstar real age really was as at then.

Aside football Samuel Eto’o is a business mogul who has established different Ventures in both Europe and Africa.

Samuel Eto’o Net Worth 2020

Samuel Eto’o being the most decorated African Footballer of all time is estimated to have a net worth of $95 million and annual salary of $26 million, the Cameroonian is one of the richest soccer players in Africa.


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