Schengen Visa: Requirements and Application in Nigeria


Our guide today is on how to get Schengen Visa yourself without the help of any third party. It has become imperative because of the numerous yearning of those who will want to know how to apply for the Visa, so many people have fallen into the hands of agent who in turn rip-  them off while doing it on their behalf.

This post will teach you the process involve, the required documents you need to present for your visa application to be successful.

First you need to understand what Schengen stands for, Schengen is a common name some European countries adopt together to be used when you want to apply for entry into their country. Schengen is the name of the visa being given to them.

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The Schengen visa covers about 26 European countries, the countries are listed below:

  1. Hungary
  2. Austria
  3. Spain
  4. Belgium
  5. Greece
  6. Latvia
  7. Germany
  8. Denmark
  9. Iceland
  10. Malta
  11. Italy
  12. Lithuania
  13. Norway
  14. Luxembourg
  15. Sweden
  16. Czech Republic
  17. Slovakia
  18. France
  19. Poland
  20. Finland
  21. Slovenia
  22. Switzerland
  23. Portugal
  24. Estonia


Application into any of the following Schengen countries will be done at their individual consulate but the application process is the same.

For entry into any of the Schengen countries, you need to understand the classification of Visa available and the one that suits the purpose of your visiting.

Classification of Schengen Visa

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  1. We have the Visa C1 classification this type of visa classification covers a validity of one month entry into any of the Schengen countries.
  2. We have C2 visa classification which covers a period of 6 month
  3. We have the C3 visa classification which covers a period of one year
  4. We have C4 which covers a period of 5 years visa entry into any of the Schengen countries

Before you apply for the Schengen visa you need to have the required documents available for you to proceed to the application stage.

Documents Needed for your Schengen Visa Application


  1. A valid passport that is not more than 6 months old before the application process
  2. A photocopy of the data page of your passport
  3. Two recent passport photograph with white background
  4. A certificate of your current place of work this is dependent on your purpose of entry whether job-related
  5. Insurance policy certificate this shows your insurance cover
  6. A proof of funds in your account, you must show a proof of your financial status
  7. Letter showing the purpose of your travelling whether visiting, job-related and so on
  8. If the traveller is a minor below 18 years of age, he or she must show consent from the parent or guardian.
  9. Also you will need to present your medical status showing you a clean bill of health you are not suffering from any strange ailments.
  10. You will need to show your guarantor approval
  11. You will also need to show your hotel booking confirmation.


Application Process for Schengen Visa

The Visa application process can be done into ways either you visit the individual consulate you wish to travel to or you make use of their agent VFS Global they handle visa application process on behalf of the embassies.

Schengen Visa Online Application Process via individual Embassies.

  1. Visit the individual website of the country you want to visit
  2. Download the visa application form from and print it out
  3. Fill the form appropriately, make sure you will all the required details correctly
  4. Once you complete filling it correctly
  5. Attach the necessary documents to your application and submit to your country of choice.


Applying for Schengen Visa through their Agents VFS Global

You will visit their offices in both Lagos and Abuja and apply they will guide you on how to apply correctly, most times it important to apply through their agents VFS Global because they will guide you correctly on your application process.

Please Note that after you might have applied through their agents, you will still need to visit the embassy of the country you will need to appear in person for your interview where you biometric will be captured at the embassy.


Once you have correctly finished you application process an interview date will be booked, you will appear in person for the interview at the consular where you will go through an interview process that will be headed by the consular staff during the interview your finger print biometric will be captured.

Schengen Visa Fee

The Schengen visa fee cost about 60 Euro that’s about N28,820 in Naira, this is a non- refundable fee and payment must be made before visa interview.


This is a detailed guide that have shown you the visa application process for the issuance of your Schengen visa, this is a do it yourself guide, kindly help share with your social media contacts.

If you have any suggestion please drop your comments below.


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