Self Employment Ideas for Introverts


While there are extroverts whose personalities including outgoing and associating with a lot of people, the introvert tends to avoid people’s company. You have to know where you fall into another to know how this article would help you.

An introvert likes working alone and when they are amidst a crowd of people, they get overwhelmed.

Some people might be of the opinion that introverts find it very difficult to make it in life due to their nature or personality because they don’t go out to associate with people and make it strong connections and life but this is wrong because there are several business opportunities that are awaiting introvert who prefer to spend their time alone while working. there are several business opportunities and ideas that are available for introverts.

It is very wrong to make a generalization that introverts find it difficult to make it in life because history has proved otherwise. People like Warren Buffet, JK Rowling, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bill Gates, Chopin, Albert Einstein, and Steven Spielberg have something in common and that is being introverted.

It is a known fact that one of the halves of the population on Earth is being made up of introverts. An introvert is literally everywhere however they are in a society where extroverts are being valued more due to dominance in public life, entertainment, and businesses.

Introverts have been associated with terms like taciturn, shy, reserved, or serious. But this is not totally true because you forgot I’m not really what people think they hear which is just the opposite of extroverts they are also the kind of people that can sit down and focus for a long time in the best environment, introverts are creative thinkers and they become the best of entrepreneurs due to those same tendencies that make them less noticed.

Most introverts are thinking of how to leave the corporate lifestyle and start up their own business with their time and enjoy a peaceful life.

However, there are several reasons why you need to understand your personality.

There are people who are aware of the likes and dislikes of that personality, most people have already figured out if they are outgoing or they enjoy their own company. a better understanding of your personality as an introvert will give you an increase the national intelligence and increased self-awareness this is because of the insights it provides in different aspects of your life.

Understanding your lifestyle as an introvert to help you manage your weakness and increase your play directed towards your strengths it also helps you resolve conflicts and make proper management of your Time.

Self-employment ideas for introverts

There are some amazing abilities of an introvert so you need to understand the true meaning. the energy bar for introverts increases while they’re alone while the energy bar for extroverts increases when they are around people and vice versa.

Here are some important features to identify an introvert with.

Introverts are good listeners.

they prefer spending their time alone than spending it in a large group of people.

The favorite means of communication for an introvert is writing rather than talking.

Introverts hate parties and some of them shut down after taking drinks.

If you feel some kind of draining in your head after audio or visual stimulation and this happens mostly in social situations.

If you hate becoming the center of attraction then you are an introvert.

If you detect small talks and have no problems concentration for you for a long period of time.

If you have few friends that you are close to then you are an introvert.

If you think very carefully before uttering any word.

if you prefer focusing on one task before another and dislike multitasking then you’re an introvert.

Virtual assistant

During this period where several people are working from home, there are many opportunities that have be made available and being a virtual assistant is one of it. This does not require the introvert to dress corporate and be in the midst of people but rather it gives them the opportunity to do whatever they want to at their own time.

the work of a virtual assistant is that it provides assistance administratively to professionals and entrepreneurs remotely.

These are some of the things a visual assistant might help you with;

  • Bookkeeping
  • Online research
  • Scheduling travel & meetings
  • Database entering
  • Creating presentations
  • Screening & managing email
  • Managing social responsibilities (like writing thank-you and holiday cards to employees or clients)
  • Researching business opportunities
  • Management of social media accounts
  • staying updated with industry news and trends
  • Performing customer service

Managing a blog

all you need to do is to land your first client and you are in business. There are several platforms like Upwork or Fiverr that gives people the opportunity of becoming a virtual assistant or whatever they want to be.

Niche blogger

Becoming a blogger makes you have the opportunity to own a platform and Express your thoughts. Not just that it will also enable you to grow your expertise in writing and you can easily do that without going for a regular nine-to-five job or leaving your home daily.

App developer

The creation of mobile apps is still in vogue due to new ideas that spring up daily so if you can become a developer of mobile applications then you can easily develop your own idea create the app and get it on ios or Google play store.
Just ensure it solves one problem or the other for the users.

Web Programming

Website design is a very lucrative field where you can easily work on your own or have communications with clients using zoom, email or even Skype. what is required in this job is credibility from your past works and your ability to carry out their job effectively.

Graphic designer

There are graphic designers that I know that make a lot of money in a week. The design graphics like branding elements or logos and charge a lot of money for that. You can start designing graphics if you have the skill but trust me it pays.



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