Slayyy Hailey Biography: Age, Career & Net Worth


Slayyy Hailey Whose real name is Hailey Quintero is a social media personality widely recognized for the dance videos she uploads on the video-sharing application: TiK Tok.
Hailey started her social media journey from a very tender age.

Ever since she began her Media career at a tender age, the number of her fans on the platform kept increasing from time to time and by her 12th birthday, she already had a massive fan base counting in millions.

In case you don’t know, the TiK ToK app was formerly called She has several interesting and entertaining video clips on her tik-tok platform, little wonder her fan base has greatly increased in millions.

Also, she started a YouTube channel which she named after herself on the 23rd of September 2015.

Although she has only a few videos on her YouTube channel, yet thousands of people are subscribed to her channel.

Besides YouTube, Hailey is also a popular face on Instagram. Her activity on Instagram usually includes uploading pictures that contain her self and her family members. Presently she resides in New York City, USA.

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The amazing young talent was born on the 22nd of February 2004 in Manhattan, New York.
Currently, she is 15 years of age.

Her mixed ethnicity seems to be of good advantage to her as she speaks English, French and Spanish languages accurately.


She measures 4 ft 8 inches tall and weighs 88 pounds.


Some time ago Hailey’s parents decided to go their separate ways so the amazing dance character now has a stepmother, stepfather and two siblings.

Based on the videos she uploads on her Instagram page it appears she is close to her younger brother whose name is Noah Alexander and another younger brother whose name is Brian and then a cousin who she calls kay.

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She features all of them on her Instagram page


As a young girl, she presently has no boyfriend


Hailey began to dance from a very tender age and when her parent noticed this in her, they encouraged her to be more intentional about her passion for dancing.

Growing up was not so easy for Hailey due to the fact that her parents were separated when she was just 3 years of age and following their separation, she decided to concentrate more on taking her dancing skills to the next level.

In the process of learning a dance move called ‘split’, Hailey injured her hamstrings while she was in grade 7 so due to this injury, Hailey could not make dance moves for another 7 months and this presented her the opportunity to practice her singing skills.

Regarding her education status, Hailey is presently attending a performing art school where she’s been taught how to sing professionally.

As young as she was back then she began uploading TiK ToK videos. It was first from lip sync videos and then she proceeded to dance and comedy videos which earned her a large number of views.

However at the tail end of the year 2016, she got more prominence when her dance videos became popular among several other TiK ToK users. Presently, she has not less than millions of fans and likes on tik-tok and this, in turn, has earned her the position of one of the youngest TiK ToK users to have a massive fan base in the United States.

She also started a YouTube channel which she named after herself and that channel already boasts of thousands of likes and subscribers.

Most of the highest viewed videos on YouTube channel at “Christmas haul 2018”, “Taco mukbang” and “15 things you do not know about Hailey”. Lastly on Instagram, she has thousands of followers.

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Net worth

She has an estimated net worth of $5 million in 2020.


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