Smartcrowd and Clickworker: online jobs that pay daily

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In this post, we shall be reviewing online jobs that pay daily however I will be focusing on just two which are clickworker and smart crowd.

Of course, you know that whenever you go to the internet to search about online jobs where you can easily make money on a daily basis they are millions of search results that will pop out, and trust me you wouldn’t even get to the 20th page because they all have similar notions and features if you are not even careful you might give out vital information to the wrong pages because most of them are not actually what they really pose to be.

There are lots of websites that claim to give our jobs where you can earn online daily basis but in reality, they did not have too much to offer and that is why we will not be focusing on some of these platforms brothers will be reviewing just click worker and smart crowd.

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This review is meant for those that are interested in making money online on a daily basis.
Well, these are facts you should know about these platforms that you won’t easily find anywhere else:

1. Smart crowd

This is a platform that was formerly known as virtual being and it is popular for offering entry jobs in online data.

This website is meant for individual independent contractors who are more interested in making extra income online. This website is known to have a gain reputation among the work at home vicinity. It is not to be one of the best data entry companies in the world.

This platform is meant for independent contractors that want to work online but this actually depends on their accuracy and speed. The steps you must take before joining the smart crowd is that you have to register and become a member first.

The next thing you should do is take the typing test that is given to you in order to assess and evaluate the speed of your typing. This test is important because it will help make you eligible for the qualification for this job.

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The process for evaluation last 4 round 2 to 3 minutes before completion, this test is divided into three parts and they are the numeric the letters and the dollars test. a hint for you is that after taking the test and you have a very low score you can always return the test after 24 hours of the previous one.

Your target should be one hundred percent results because the competition is tough and a lot of people are waiting to get the job on this platform.


The major requirements that is needed to sign up on this platform is that you should be up to 18 years of age and also have good typing skills that is why you are being tested for speed and accuracy.

Besides that, there is no other unique skill that is required. However, whenever you get this job you should make sure you have a high-speed internet connection to a computer.

Making money on this platform is very easy and it is very important you also know how much they pay or charge. According to their website, the pay is being offered for each job depends on the kind of tax given. the money on this website is about $0.20 per thousand words while some others charge $0.80 Per thousand words.

To withdraw on this platform is also very easy because unlike some other platforms the threshold is mostly $100 but on this platform, you can easily withdraw at $30.

Finally what you should know about smart crowd is that it is 100% legit online making money methods which you can use to gain a job online and make extra income.


However, if you want to make a total living and might not suggest this platform this is because the work is not consistent and cannot convert to full-time income which will depend on to survive but the platform is free to use and has risk-free online jobs available.

Through this platform, you just have to log in with your verified email address and password and if you’re a first-time are you have to click join now to create a new account for yourself thank you.

2. Clickworker

clickworker is known to be an online platform that allows people to make a lot of money online by doing several mini-jobs. clickworker is known to be an online platform that has been leading in terms of data entry jobs online.

This platform is easily useable by English language speakers. there are several other opportunities that exist on this platform aside from data entry jobs they could be mystery photographers, surveys, and a lot of others. list online job platform does not restrict locations you can always search for jobs online from locations like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, India, the United States, and South Africa.

How much can you earn?

On this platform, it is possible you make up to $10 in just an hour as there are people that also make up to $20 within an hour. People are still making cool cash from this platform.

Your earnings on this platform depending on how good you are in typing and all the required skills and then how many jobs you can be able to finish accurately.

Yeah sometimes they will be a lot of options for jobs to do and then you can select the highest paying offers.

Jobs on this platform are very flexible which means you can always decide whenever you want to work however you should know that this platform is mainly for a side income which will be supporting your mainstream income because the jobs are not steady as a full-time job.

How to join clickworker

This is what you are required to do before you start making money on clickworker platform;

1. Sign up

The first thing you should do to start making money on this platform is to register. Why reading stream you should fill in the required and accurate information then follow the guidelines on the screen to register.

Sign in by using the provided information. if you want to start receiving money from this platform you have to make use of transferwise account because this is one of the best methods to send or receive money.

2. Complete assessment

It is very crucial that you pass through the assessment that will validate you as a reputable job handler on the platform so after registration and verification of your email address the next thing you should do is to take on this assessment.

There are many types of assessment but you have to do the required one which is done to check your English language ability. you don’t have to worry much about this assessment because they are fundamental and easy. The higher the amount of assessment you take the more qualified you will become for these jobs.


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