Solar Energy Companies in Nigeria


Over the years, Nigeria as a nation has never been able to produce enough electricity for its citizens. This consistent lapses has pushed Nigerians to look for alternatives by generating their own electricity. In the country we live in today, there’s hardly a commercial enterprise, or home that doesn’t produce part of the electricity it consumes (if not all).

Most widely used alternative source of electricity in Nigeria is generators, and while that’s the case, most businesses that use generators spend up to 30% of their yearly profit, on petrol alone (excluding servicing, and replacement of completely bad generators). Evidently, these figures can dig a hole in the account of any enterprise, but this can be largely reduced if entrepreneurs think towards renewable sources of energy, as opposed to the use of burning hydrocarbons (patrols). This is where “solar alternative” comes in.

A lot of advanced business firms has pioneered solar technology as a cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient source of electricity over the last decade, although it has been existing in the western world way longer than that. In Nigeria today, solar technology has been implemented in almost all light-weight home appliances like torches, and radios, not to mention being integrated into the smallest of businesses. No doubt this technology is growing in Nigeria every day as solar rechargeable cars are now being developed to effectively reduce the dependence on petrol (PMS).

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If you intend on using solar energy which is a better alternative to petrol generators in your home and/or business enterprise, you would definitely want to have it setup by the best, and trusted hands. Below we’ve listed the top 10 solar companies based in Nigeria that you cans choose from, and be assured of getting the best quality for your money.

Top 10 Solar Companies Based in Nigeria.

  • National Solar Power Authority (NASPA)

When listing the best solar companies in Nigeria, it’s often justifiable to add the first company that pioneered the use of solar technology in Nigeria. This solar panel installation, maintenance and repair company has its office located in Abuja, and renders its services to all parts of the country. Whether you need solar panel installation for your business or home, you are assured the best possible service. They also implement the latest installation techniques, making you get the best out of your solar panel. You can visit their website on to make more enquires on their services.

  • Echozar Technologies

Echozar sure is one of the leading companies in Nigeria focusing its concentration on development of renewable, and cleaner energy. Echozar make installation plans based on field survey, and customer consultation, ensuring every customer’s needs are satisfied. Their customer-centric attitude has always result in positive reviews from clients round Nigeria. You can visit to know more about them, and book a meeting.

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  • Leks Environmental Limited

Leks environmental is also one of the first companies to pioneer the use of renewable, and clean energy in Nigeria. They specialise in providing solutions to serve the environmental needs of its customers, while paying attention to health, and safety protocols. They expanded into the renewable energy industry in 2015 as part of their mission to generate cleaner, reliable, efficient and environmental friendly energy to Nigerians. This mission certainly reflects positively on the quality of their services. They are fees are also very affordable too. You can get more info on whatever you need on them on their website


  • Solar Force Nigeria PLC


Solar Force Nigeria, is an affiliate of Solar Force Corporation USA, and is right in there as one of the top companies providing cleaner, and cheaper energy products in Nigeria.  The company which was founded in 2007 has grown to be one of the most trusted in its field of delivering renewable energy to consumers. They are also among the few companies that offers maintenance free solar energy systems with warranty. For more contact info on them, visit

  • Astrum Energy Solutions

Astrum is clearly among the big names when solar when talking about solar energy services in Nigeria. They have been providing renewable energy options to Nigerians for over two decades, and this level of experience is clearly seen in the products they offer, and the manner in which they offer it. If you are a customer that takes experience, or huge reputation seriously before purchasing a product/service, then employing the services of Astrum Energy for your solar installations and/or maintenance is definitely something consider. For the different installation plans they offer, you can visit the official website on

  • Rubitec Nigeria LTD.

Rubitec is a one of the top Nigerian companies engaged in renewable energy sector. They specialise in solar, and inverter installation and maintenance, hydro power setups, biomass energy, waste energy plants, land-fill gas plants, wing energy, and general electricity backup systems. They render services on both commercial, and private (home) settings. You can get more info on them on

  • Infinity Solar Nigeria

Infinity solar Nigeria founded in 2014, is a Nigerian company renowned for providing quality renewable energy, and security systems. They are experts in production, and installation of different solar projects like; traffic lights, streetlights, lanterns, borehole, etc. they also carry out installation of security gadgets in homes and offices. You can read more about their projects, and get more contact info on

  • Solarkobo

Solarkobo is one of the leading solar companies in Nigeria providing cost effective solutions to the electricity solutions of the country. They offer different options to improve the electricity situation of your home or office. Whether it’s the case of full solar installation, or just inverter installation to complement the electricity status of your area, they’ve got you covered. They also support flexible payment plans if you think you can’t afford to pay the whole fee on a single cheque. You can contact them on

  • Wavetra Energy LTD

Wavetra no doubt is a household name when we talk about production, and installation of clean, and affordable energy alternatives. Their exploits in application of renewable energy has earned them partnership with notable business firms like UBA, FESTO, and GIS just to mention a few. They have different installation packages, and each package comes with at least 1 year warranty from commission. You can fill their contact form on to book a meeting with them.

  • Solarwox Renewable Energy LTD.

Solarwox is a renewable energy company based in Nigeria, founded by experts in the global energy, and technology scene. They are have seasoned experts on solar panel installation and maintenance, and provide services like off/on grid solar installations, solar water pumps, solar street lights, etc. They of course, also offer custom solar services – keeping in mind that solar panel, and inverter installations isn’t always one-size fits all.



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