Specta loan 2021: requirements, how to apply, interest rate, contact


Specta is an online service set up by sterling bank which allows you to borrow money for use. This company offers different types of loans for various types of people. Whether you’re a businessman or a wage earner, you’re going to get a credit system that suits you in. Are you in immediate need of money for households, businesses or something that is very important to you?.

Specta is being operated by Sterling bank. It is a platform for quick loan access without paperwork or collateral. It is possible to access the loan online.

You may apply as long as you have a good internet connection with your mobile device. You can get loans up to five million naira (N5,000,000) which is made available in any of the kinds of loans.

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Specta has various types of loans, including personal loans, payday loans, wedding financing, rent financing, personal event, holiday financing, college financing, and medical finance.

For various reasons, these different types of loans are generated just as their name sounds so that for certain reasons, individuals may have access to funding.

they made special provisions for every group like the; Youths Pay in checks and dividend permits to their charge-free account, which will be handled by dedicated staff to advise them on investment decisions that will turn their concepts into revenue-driven projects.

Then they made it possible for businesses to obtain credit at a very reasonable rate on a monthly basis and their working customers are not left from this generous service because they earn 10 percent of average turnover on monthly rental for all the past 6 months. .

Specta Requirements


Specta offers you up to N5 Million loans within 5 minutes in a single transaction! no documents required, No collateral, no office visit. For Specta, anytime or anywhere, you could take care of your immediate personal and business needs.

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How To Apply For Specta Loan

You will only need to have an internet-enabled computer/phone and a good internet connection to request a loan with Specta. Sign in to the website when you have this and get started. Here are the required steps to be taken;

  • Sign into Specta website – https://www.myspecta.com/
  • Take the time to read through the types of loans available and choose the one that best suits your interest.
  • Then download the application to initiate below the type of loan you want to apply for.
  • Fill the form which contains five (5) steps to apply for the loan.
  • Within minutes, your eligibility will be determined. If you apply, you’re going to be credited.

Specta Interest rate

The maximum amount of loan that can be received is N5,000,000. All fees charged are known to be management fees (maximum 1% negotiable per community), investment fees (maximum 1% negotiable per community) and insurance payments (1% flat per annum non-negotiable on personal loans and salary advances. Keep in mind that the rate of interest on House Hold / Asset Acquisition is 7% flat).

Specta Contact

You can call either of these listed mobile phone numbers 08170852815 or 08170852820 for further inquiries.

You can also get client support on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram via the social media handle @MySpecta or send an email to info@myspecta.com

In conclusion, You have absolutely no problem to worry about getting a loan from Specta as they are powered by sterling bank and they have excellent customer service. just in a few clicks, you get your loan, be satisfied and spread the good news. hope you found this information useful? drop your comments below.


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