Spectranet Car-Fi Wireless Device Launch, Pricing, Specs


Spectranet Car-fi is one is a newly launched car mi-fi device by Spectranet in Nigeria. This WiFi is produced by Spectranet 4G LTE is one of the best Internet Service providers (ISP) in Nigeria at the moment.

Spectranet Car-fi is a strong wifi network car device that enables groups of people to use their smart devices in a car or on a public bus. Looking at it picture you see that the device is smart and a commendable innovation.

Spectranet Car-Fi is a wireless 4G device thumb-sized router, that draws its power source from the car battery and it as a lighter plug utility.

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Once the Spectranet Car-Fi is powered it will automatically Spread out its signal within the Vehicle to all smart devices that can connect to it.

According to Spectranet, not less than 10 smart devices that are Wi-Fi enabled can connect to the Spectranet Car-fi at once.

Devices that can work with the Spectranet Car-Fi are wifi enabled phones, Computers, laptops, iPads, etc.

The Car-Fi is made in such a way that it sources its power from your car’s battery, it consumes very low energy.


It does not affect the energy circulation and distribution in your car because of its consumes very low energy to work.

This is one of the best wifi networks that gives car owners and commuters the surest and sound internet quality they want while on the move.

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In Nigeria, Spectranet Limited is the first internet service provider to launch 4G lite service and this has made them very relevant in the country.

Spectranet is well recognized for providing homes and offices in Nigeria with cheap, reliable and non-stressful internet broadband in Nigeria.


Presently it provides internet service in the following States Lagos Abuja in Ibadan and Port Harcourt. How do you like metal gives consumers access to high-speed internet service.


The Spectranet Car-Fi Price is yet to be fixed but will soon be release to the Nigerian outlets.


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