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Because of the Internet, the world has turned to a global village. The case is no different in Nigeria. Internet service providers have kept the needs of the wealthy Nigerian population to drive home.

If this Internet Service Provider has drawn your attention recently and you are looking forward to joining the growing Spectranet customer list, you can acquire knowledge from this blog post. You can also learn everything on how to use and purchase on the Spectranet Selfcare portal via this post if you just purchased your Spectranet device.

About Spectranet

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In 2009, Spectranet obtained a license from the Nigerian Communications Commission to operate Internet services throughout Nigeria. Spectranet is Nigeria’s first Internet service provider to introduce 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria and continues to be a pioneer in Internet services space.

Their philosophy is to bind you to the most important thing for you. They seek to achieve this goal without ceasing.

They are also determined to continue to deliver on their promises to you by providing a better, faster, more reliable, cost-effective broadband internet.

If you still have to purchase your Spectranet device, however, it is important that you know that Spectranet’s internet service is only available in major Nigerian cities. Ibadan, Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

Even though the internet service is not yet available nationwide, Spectranet has announced imminent drop-out of its service across Nigeria’s various cities, so if your place is outside these cities and you would like to use Spectranet, you should wait.

Spectranet Self Care: Beginner’s Guide

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Now let’s learn more about the ISP Platform – Spectranet Selfcare.

The Spectranet 4 G LTE self-care account is a platform based on the Spectranet website where users can access their profile and services at any point in time they choose to.

It ensures that you can view the balance of your available data plan, track the use of data, and display the date of the expiry of data and renew data plans.

Self-care is in the sort of a dashboard that displays all the information you need about your subscription and activities.

How to log in and check the Spectranet Portal data balance.

  1. Click on this link if you are an active user.
  2. You will have to input your login details which is username and password on the official Selfcare page.
  3. Click on “Sign in” after entering your username and password and you’re good to go.

For new users, on the other hand, you can click this link and enter the preferred username and password that you received at the spectranet office.

You will be notified after logging in to change the automated password. Upon changing the automated password to a new password, you will use it for other following logins.

If you’re just ready to finally purchase your Spectranet device, do not even miss taking note of your preset login credentials at the spectranet office.

You can also observe the step-by-step instructions below if you would like to pay for Spectranet Self Service Subscription; first, there really are 4 ways to pay for self-care:

  1. In person
  2. Online
  3. Recharge Voucher
  4. Bank Payment– Please use the different banks and account numbers provided to pay Spectranet accounts.

Spectranet Abuja

FCMB |0658482020
Zenith |1014071129
First Bank | 2023929144
Eco Bank | 0122270544

Spectranet Lagos

Zenith | 1014071095
Firstbank | 2020922196
FCMB | 0658482013
Eco Bank | 0015020142


Spectranet Port Harcourt

FCMB | 0658482044
Zenith | 1014506728

Scan the payment teller/receipt or screenshot of the correct transaction once you have completed your payment and submit it to their official email care@spectranet.com.ng to verify your payment.

It is not advisable to maintain your default WiFi key when using your Spectranet phone since anyone can link to your WiFi network simply by obtaining mere physical access to your computer as the automated key is normally printed visibly on the device.

These are steps to successfully update your password:

  • Connect to your Spectranet Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi
  • Start your app
  • In the address bar key in and press Enter
  • You should now be in the Settings Portal
  • Click on the settings.
  • You will find a login box, input your credentials and click Wi-Fi. Press on the Basic Settings for Wi-Fi. You can remove your SSID from it, hide SSID transmission and update your SSID transmission.

Also, if you forget your self-care password at any point in time and would like to develop a new Spectranet 4G LTE self-care password, you can easily generate a new password by following the tutorials:

1. Click on your self-care login screen forget password reference.

2. Please enter your username.

3. Enter the characters in the security photo that will be shown.

4. Click “Submit”

5. To obtain a temporary key via SMS and Email, you should click on submit.

6. The temporary password is entered.

7. You may now use your account for self-care.

Generally speaking, you are encouraged to update your monthly Spectranet login password.

Since you understand everything about the Self Care plan and a few other key details about using Spectranet internet service, now we have agreed to provide the different Spectranet data plan to help you pick the best data plan for your preferences.

Note that these rates are VAT-inclusive and all nite plans have access to 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.

  • 4GB |₦3,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed
  • 7GB |₦5,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed
  • 15GB| ₦7,000/Monthly|24X7 Burstable Speed
  • 20GB |₦7,500/Monthly |7pm – 7am | Unified Nite Value Burstable Speed
  • 25GB |₦10,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing
  • 40GB |₦11,000/Monthly|7pm – 7am | Unified Nite Value Burstable Speed
  • 40GB|₦12,500/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing
  • 50GB |₦13,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing *Abuja ONLY
  • 55GB| ₦20,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing
  • 110GB |₦40,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing
  • 200GB | ₦70,000/Monthly|24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing

There’s also the Unlimited Gold Program which costs about N18,000/monthly and provides all customers with unlimited burstable speeds between 0-100 GB. This rate decreases after using 100 GB to 512 Kbps.

In addition, the Unified Stay Linked Policy is available to customers on any Abuja business plans. This program only extends to customers who remain connected after the month has elapsed the 50GB data.


If you need assistance or would like to upgrade to any of the data plans or buy a Spectranet router unit, you can use one of the customer care platforms mentioned below to receive help with any Spectranet service.

  • Phone numbers: 07002345678, 08002345678.
  • Email address: care@spectranet.com.ng
  • Website: https://www.spectranet.com.ng/contact%20us.html

You can also pay visit to any of the offices below:

Plot 36B, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue, Oregun Industrial Estate, Alausa, Ikeja Lagos.
15, Bangui Street, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II , Abuja.


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