How to start bean flour production business


In this guide, we will be considering a special business model that most people are not aware of and this is bean flour processing. This particular business is known to be one of the underutilized agricultural business ideas. most people are only aware of the sectors of agriculture that pertain to fish farming And Poultry to be the major branches of our group business that they know of.

Most of the most common agricultural business ideas that over flogged wild little ideas like Bean flour production and processing gains little attention even in the media regardless of the huge potential and lucrativeness it yields.

Only wise agro entrepreneurs have discovered the numerous potential of bean flour processing and tapped into it to make enough money. several new agro companies have sprung up to change the perspective of agricultural businesses on processed flour food.

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Bean flour production is worth taking a shot at due to several reasons we shall book list year among them include;

Beans are an affordable and good source of protein for the human body. Beans are used in the preparation of Akara (bean cake/bean balls), Moi Moi (bean pudding), and danwake (bean dumplings).

One thing about beans is that the preparation process is very rigorous and stressful. Before the main cooking of beans begins you would have to sort them, dehull and even ground the seeds.
That is why people that prepare for Akara for breakfast stay up at night in the previous day to prepare the seeds for the following morning.

Business opportunity for bean flour processing

Before you venture into any business you understand the gig in it and this means how to make money from it. it is very good that you do things for your passion for them but while you doing that you can also earn stable income.

When you are done with your beans flour processing ensure you package your product properly, you can sell them to markets, local shops, and restaurants.

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if you make your beans flour production in bags it is even easier and better to supply in wholesale to petty traders and retailers who would in turn distribute them in smaller quantities. The exportation of products yield a lot of money especially currently that the exchange rate is high.

So if you’re able to conquer the local market to sell tea those who need the product in Nigeria you can start sending your products to Nigerians in the diaspora who are also in need of your products.

Types of equipment needed in beans flour processing

  • Dryer
  • Sealing machine
  • Bowls
  • Trays
  • De-huller
  • Aspirator
  • Hammermill with cyclone
  • Bowl
  • Weighing scale
  • Branded nylon
  • Sealing machine
  • Generator

If you want to venture into the large-scale production of bean flour just be prepared or have it in mind that is involved a very large amount of money of huge capital this is the cost of acquiring this equipment that I needed in the business which are worth millions.

starting a large-scale production of this business might cost you up to 20 million naira but in order for you to call down cost, you might have to go for locally manufactured equipment. you should also be ready to get NAFDAC approval for your business to ensure your product is safe for consumption.

Preservation of bean powder

The shelf life of a processed Bean flour can last for a long time especially if you seal it carefully but if you want to achieve longer preservation you have to make sure you add ginger powder and mix it. if you check well you might notice the ones you buy in the market don’t get spoilt easily even when exposed to air.



You already have a ready-made market all you need to do is to sell your product to foodstuff retailers in the market. You can also leverage online platform to market your products to a wider audience.

In all, you do ensure that your quality is up to standard and reduce the product price. You can easily sell these products to your colleagues, friends, and neighbors. Finally, you can get in touch with malls and supermarkets to make supplies to them.

Preparation of bean flour for use


Take Measurement of 50g of bean flour and pour into a bowl

Add 120ml which is (2/3) standard tin milk measurement of water into it

Stir it very well to ensure it looks like a paste



Take Measurement of 50g of bean flour and pour into a bowl

Pour 60ml which is (1/3) standard tin milk measurement of water into it


Stir it very well until it finally looks like a paste

Procedure to make bean flour

  1. Ensure you remove all stones and dirt in the beans in order not to reduce the quality of the processed product. 
  2. Use a big bowl to soak the beans. You can also make use of your hands to peel the beans if they are not much, otherwise pour them in a mortar and rub them with a pestle till they have peeled off completely.
  3. pour a lot of water in the bowl, this will make the chaff to float. Remove the chaff and pour more water until there is no more chaff.
  4. Spray the beans outside on a rack or mat to make it dry under sunlight but this method is very effective during the dry or harmattan period. During the rainy season you can make use of a hair dryer to dry them.
  5. Take the beans to a commercial grinder to grind but if you have the machine, you can easily grind them to powder yourself.
  6. Wait for a while before packaging them after grinding.
  7. Package the processed beans flour for sale.
  8. sales.

Challenges in beans flour production

It is actually very tough and daunting to make a flour version of any food because the major concern becomes how to turn it back to its original state after the addition of water.

Also this business requires huge capital and that seems to be a problem to the majority of agro-business owners.


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