How to start car wash business


The most common reason why a person wants to start a car wash business in Dubai is due to the high cost of operating such businesses and the uncertainty that comes with it.

The good thing about starting your business in Dubai is that it can be done on a financially safe, low-risk, and rewarding basis.

Dubai is one of the most developed and richest countries in the Middle East. With more than 4 million people, Dubai has an annual average wage of nearly $2.5 billion. This makes it a major trading hub. It is also a leading finance and economy center for the world.

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We would be looking at how to start a car wash business in Dubai, things to consider before you set out to establish a car wash business in Dubai.

One of the few things to consider when starting a car wash business is Location, this is one of the most important things to consider when starting out, watch out for places that as high vehicular movement and traffic.

Many people are not aware that Dubai has an area that is called Free Zone. In Dubai, it is considered the smartest city in the world.

The city has a population of 4.5 million and this has made it one of the most desirable destinations for people who are looking to set up their businesses.

Steps to Starting a Car Wash Business in Dubai

There are many business opportunities for people who want to invest in Dubai, if you don,t have enough capital to start your business then you should consider setting up your car wash business in the Dubai-free zone area.

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Choosing your company name

The first thing to do when setting up your car wash business in Dubai is choosing and registering your unique business name, this is the most important aspect of setting up a car wash business in Dubai.

Make sure you follow the laid down laws set aside when it comes to the naming of businesses in Dubai.

Dubai being an Arab country frowns at using names that are very offensive and against their Islamic religion(blasphemous language), also make sure you don,t copy names of other organizations, also make sure you carry your company setup agent along to help you check if the name you decide to choose is available.

Applying for your license to set up your car washing business in Dubai

Dubai has a booming car washing industry as the city is home to many high-profile brands and people in the Middle East. Many companies, including international ones, have established their operations here.

It is not difficult to set up your business in Dubai as there are many options for you and your business. You can choose from 3 different types of licenses – general, fleet and contractor – all of which allow you to set up your business of choice in Dubai

Also if you wish to set your business in Dubai free zone area what you need to do is write an application letter to a company formation expert who will help you present and manage your application.


Making your visa applications to start working in Dubai

An applicant must present certain documents to get a visa for UAE. So, it is very important to make them just right in order to get an easy access visa.

As you know Dubai is a foreign country and the wish and opportunities to go there and establish a business is what is driving you to set up a car wash business in Dubai.

Assuming you a Nigerian and wish to travel to Dubai and establish a business the first thing you need to do is apply for a visa to travel down to Dubai, once you have a trade business license you can apply for work Visa in Dubai and you will be given.

Even this Trade business license gives you right to bring in others into the country to work for you.

Opening your corporate bank account in Dubai

Do you want to open a corporate bank account in Dubai? Here is an opening letter to help you.

Welcome to the UAE. As a business person, you have the right to open your own bank account in Dubai. There is no need to pay a commission of 10% for opening bank account here, and you will not be required to report any changes in your personal details once you open your own bank account.

Although before you get to open a corporate bank account in Dubai for your business you need to present the following:

You will need to present a business license that permit you to operate and run a business in Dubai

You make an initial deposit of about AED15,000 to AED 100,000

Once you present those documents and meet other conditions then your account will opened for you within four weeks from the date of application.

After you have carefully followed the above steps to starting your car wash business in Dubai the next thing is to present the following documents for proper documentation.

You are to submit a duly signed and completed application form.

A passport copy of your international passport.

Your passport photograph

You will need to also present a detailed business plan of your car wash business and your company information.

You will need to present proof of your business trade license.

Carefully follow the above guideline to setting up a car wash business in Dubai, kindly help share this detailed write up of setting up a car wash business in Dubai with your social media network for those who might be interested in the opportunity of setting this business in Dubai.


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