How to Start CCTV Business in Nigeria


The guidelines we will be presenting to you in this article are gathered from some of the successful CCTV business owners in the country so it will do you a lot of good to read well and apply them.

1. Get Trained

This business has a lot to do with the technology of recent times and the interesting thing is that technology keeps advancing so you need to first learn how the CCTV camera works.

You need to learn more than the installation process of the camera. For example, the camera feed has to go be directed somewhere, so you may now want to consider where the camera feed will be monitored; on-site or off-site?

You also have to know the type of camera you want to install. So this Step is the very first step that will lead you to success in this business. Training is important.

Now we will take a brief look at types of cameras. Note that these cameras are used for different purposes. Take a look at some of the popular cameras there are:

A. PTZ Camera

This acronym represents Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. These cameras are usually very sensitive so much that they capture motion, sound, and changes in heat temperature.

As soon as they capture the motion, sound, and change in temperature, they concentrate and record the happenings in their area of surveillance Interestingly, these cameras do not need external forces to activate them, they activate themselves at the appropriate time of changes.

They are also capable of sending war don’t signal to human monitors. This type of camera is often used for security purposes.

B. We also have an IR Camera.

The acronym IR represents Infrared Camera. These unique set of cameras are used mostly for night vision. They work perfectly in the dark, capturing every movement and action, the pictures taken from these cameras are quite sharp, dependable and clear.

C. Dome Cameras.

These cameras are somewhat easy to install even in unique places such as ceilings, trains,etc,
equipped with ceilings of buses, trains, tunnels.

D. IP Cameras: IP represents internet protocol. These cameras are often connected with mobile
phones through the use of broadband internet .connections.

IP cameras are widely accepted and used by many people in most countries of the world.

E. Weatherproof Camera: This set of cameras are mostly used for outside surveillance. These cameras are actually stronger than the ones earlier discussed and it often comes with an adequate shield on top of it. A good example of where it’s been used is the traffic signal check.

3. Give Your Business A Name

Asides from training, this is another important step you need to take if you really want to go start this business.
Note that the name must be relevant, easy to pronounce, and must relate to its local community.

4. Get Finance

This is a critical step to consider when planning to start any business at all. So gather as much as you can, and if you don’t have enough capital, look for investors who believe in your business and those who are capable of financing your business.

Meanwhile, get ready your business plan before you locate any investor because a business without plan is not likely to go far.

5. Pick A Good Location For Your Business

Logistics will play a big role in this business.

When choosing a location for your business, you have to seriously consider logistics because its a major part of this business. Think of a location that will likely help you cut down on the expenses of moving equipment and technicians around.

Also, ensure that your business location is close to the people who really need CCTV and those who can actually afford it.

6. Get Your Business Registered

In order to avoid interruptions from government officials, you need to get your business registered as early as possible. Ask those who have been in the business if there’s an association you need to join or legal processes you need to follow before you set out or not.

This will help you to be at peace with everyone and ensure your business is operated without interruptions.

Other Steps You May Need To Consider Are:

7. Partner with a reliable supply who can steadily supply you all needed equipment.

8. Hire competent and experienced staff or train the inexperienced but interested ones.

9. Promote Your CCTV business in every way possible.

10. Create a Website For Your Business

Lastly you should consider a name you can use to register a website for your business because presently businesses thrive more online.


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