How to Start a Fashion Blog in in 2022


Fashion is a common expression of aesthetics, At the same time and context, particularly in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, cosmetics, hairstyle and body proportions.

Here we shall guide you on how start a fashion blog, especially with WordPress, from selecting the right blogging platform to finding out the technical stuff and resources you need to automate your blog and accelerate your development.

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Basically, here are the few steps to open a fashion blog;

1. Select your niche

“Fashion” may already seem like a niche, but in fact, it is a large category with lots of smaller niches in it. Each style occupies its own niche. Most designs have over a niche.

This may appear counter-intuitive, but when you are learning how to create a fashion blog your first aim should be to narrow your niche to the lowest possible size.

That encourages the development of highly targeted advertising and marketing campaigns.

It’s not so difficult, just find a niche you are very good at and focus on it.

2, Get a hosting and install the WordPress software

Blogs hosted on websites such as bloggers, Tumblr, and even are perfect for hobbyists, but if you really want to earn money from your blog, you will have to invest in your own domain and a hosting plan. For a problem-free that will guarantee your success in your blogging journey, we recommend you make an investment in an international hosting provider such as Bluehost. (Use this link to get a 40% discount today).

That makes your blog look more credible and gives you many more templates for designs and monetization choices. The best choice as far as ease of use is concerned, simplicity, and flexibility is WordPress which is hosted by itself

Haven has chosen a name, you will have to pick a hosting service.

3. Optimize your blog with perfect quality plugins

After setting up a host, connect your domain and test run. With that done, the perfect WordPress theme will have to be picked out. Fashion is all about the images far more than most media are. You just have to display a prominent, distinctive way to cool new looks.

4. Be consistent with publishing with nice images

You need two things to create a popular fashion blog: Incredible pictures of your unique fashion and consistency.

Many blogs make posts on a daily basis but the posting rate must never come at the post quality cost. If you can start publishing only once a week, that’s fine – just consider carefully what you’ll be publishing in advance.

5. Promote your blog on social media

blogs benefit from some promotion on social media, and fashion blogs, including their photo-heavy posts, are perfect candidates for online marketing.

You might also want to explore social marketing on sites such as Instagram and Facebook if you get some cash to invest.

6. Monetize your blog

Blogging as a passion is great but it’s even easier to blog as a business. If you are looking to make money off your blog.

Note that blogging is not an easy way to get rich. Understanding how to make a post on fashion is just the start.

It often requires six months to a year for popular blogs to start to earn a substantial amount of money, and many years to develop a stable income.

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