How to Start Popcorn Business in Nigeria


Do you know that If you begin your popcorn business in Nigeria, it can potentially become very lucrative and convey you tons of income? You simply need to know the first requirements for starting and developing this business.

Please consider the following information before you begin your popcorn business.

Popcorn making machine

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First of all, you’ll definitely need a popcorn machine because this is often how you create your snack in big quantities. you’ll look for a good one on the market and buy as many as you would like , counting on how many people you want to be involved in your business.
very often , there’s quite one person or two involved within the production of popcorn.

You should purchase the sort of machine which will produce both sugar and salt popcorn because people’s preferences on this matter are different. A number of them are Funpop 8 oz or ET-POP6A-D.

These machines cost from N52,000; however, you’ll quickly catch up on this purchase during a short time if your business eventually blossoms.

Just in case the region where you reside doesn’t have electricity, you ought to purchase the sort of machine that has a gas cylinder alongside electricity, so you’ll be ready to switch between power sources.

By the way, it’s not compulsory that you acquire an expensive machine – there are some cheaper ones, that cost from N20,000.

They can be bought for N10,000 to N15,000. For exact prices, you’ll need to find the sale offers and negotiate with the one that is selling the machine. They ought to even be bought consistent with the number of individuals who want to hire for your business.

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This machine is supported by electricity, and you’ll control it on your own. To find out the way to control it, you’ll need to read the manual or literature that regards this subject but trust me, it’s so easy to operate that someone who is using the machine for the first time can handle it well.


Attractive Brand

Another important point in popcorn production is a beautiful brand. it’ll really assist you to face out among multiple competitors in the popcorn business, who have already come up with their own unique name and logo.

It will not be enough just to write down up your product name and get an in-touch-with number on the package, it’s to be something more.

If you’ve got no ideas, you’ll get some inspiration from other popular businesses as you have a glance at their name and professional logo.

Hire a knowledgeable graphic designer

Don’t be afraid, this won’t cost you much. The promotional pictures need to be well-designed and original.

Your logo and name got to be pronounced and remembered easily. this is often how you become successful doing this business, and who knows, maybe at some point your enterprise will become a household name.

Raw material

The staple that you simply will need for your business is corn. you ought to purchase as many corn bags as you’re getting to produce into popcorn. Your goal is to settle on sweet corn which will contain only enough moisture.

Get Trained

You can learn how to make popcorn from watching YouTube videos, you can also learn by humbly asking someone to teach you. You can be sure that the process is really easy and you will be able to operate it on your own.

So in conclusion, for a successful popcorn business venture you need
A machine, A brand name, A Helping hand, buy raw material(which is corn) Get trained, and start earning.


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