How to Start Selling your Products in Konga in 2022


Can I make good sales on Konga? Those are also things that concern other people’s minds.

Konga is one relevant market place where you can sell almost anything, this platform gives you certain leverage with other top platforms like Jumia, Jiji, and other.

The internet has become the most competitive marketplace in which citizens worldwide have the ability to purchase, sell, and locate what is wanted at the best available price.

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How to sell on Konga is a big question?

The Internet has become the global economy ground where people from all over the globe can purchase, sell, and find products of their choice.

This article teaches you how to make use of this e-commerce platform and will show you market prospects on Konga, like prices, obstacles, and prospects.

In the year 2014, Konga Nigeria opened the way for Small and Medium-sized businesses through its SellerHQ segment, apart from the acquisition and sale of its own goods through.

Konga also launched a private logistics firm named K-Express after its third party courier partners were unable to manage thousands of regular orders on the website.

Konga’s Growth

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Yeah, first and foremost, because it is Nigeria’s biggest online advertising and buying site. It has more than 50 million customers.

Reasons & Benefits of selling on Konga

Here are several basic explanations to use Konga:

  • Konga is Nigerian online marketplace largest and most successful.
  • Konga offers you full freedom: you pick the rates, the modes of distribution, the mode of payment and all the other essential information.
  •  Konga gives you a quick exchange of messages with your customers.
  • Konga serves you 24/7 and they are here to assist you if you need assistance in their roles or other technological matters.
  • Konga is secure and you can be assured that all financial transfers are free.
  • konga Sellers Program is open to Nigerian sellers and not only in Lagos, allowing everyone the chance to sell their merchandise on Konga anywhere they come from.
  • Konga offers even a way for sellers to meet purchasers from anywhere in the country.
  • konga enables the delivery of products at the customer’s doorstep to ensure convenience.
  • Konga takes 3%.
  • konga enables you to control your price as seller on the platform.

Things You Can Sell On Konga

Konga has a long list of goods categories from clothes to electronics, mobile devices, gadget, home-decorated beauty products.

But fashion items, appliances and mother & kids goods are among the most popular categories.

It is important to note, however, that while almost anything can be offered on Konga, some things are forbidden.

Here is a collection of simple things on Konga Nigeria that you can not sell:


  • Products with Dark images.
  • Gambling goods
  • Chemicals hazardous and liquids poisonous
  • Any kind of guns, etc.

If you intend to sell any of the banned products, then Konga will not accept you as a seller on their platform. If you are already selling on the platform and you intend to sell any of the ban products konga may block or remove your account from the platform.

The process of registration is quick. However, the details you need to begin with are the following:

  • A name for online store
  • Personal data *
  • Valid identification issued by the government; Voting passport, International Passport etc.
  • Description of the Product you want to sell
  • Payment account details *


1. First, you complete a registration form that takes less than two minutes.

2. To confirm that you provide the correct Email address, telephone number, and bank details Konga will verify the information.

3. Then Konga assigns your shop to a specific support officer.

4. Konga will provide you a SellerHQ account.

5. When you have new orders to process through SMS, SellerHQ and Gmail, Konga notifies you.

6. You give your products K-Express or your chosen messenger, and Konga charges you.

You will have access to the SellerHQ market management portal after successfully registering and verifying your Konga details.

In reality, SellerHQ’s is your Control Panel.

Seller Dashboard for your stock uploading, inventory management, sales reporting, and financial control.

To access your product, login to the SellerHQ.

Only add photos, write a short product description, set quantity, and price.

After your product has been submitted to SellerHQ, representatives, Konga will verify it and proceed to approve and support your product before it goes live.

Five photos of each substance can be submitted (500px – 500px).

Once you have your goods on and your account activated then consumers starts purchasing across the world.


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