How to Start A Cold Room Business In Nigeria


Are you planning to set up your own cold room business in Nigeria? If yes then you are on the right page.

In this article, we will be sharing with you, major factors you need to consider before starting your cold room business.

First, it is important to note that there is majorly two aspects of cold room business and these are:

Ice block cold room business and frozen food business.

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As you may already know, Ice-blocks are sold in restaurants to beverage sellers as well as to caterers and festival organizers for the cooling of their drinks.

On the other hand, Frozen food business ideas include seafood preservation, chilling of beef, turkey, meat, prawns, fish and poultry goods, etc.

Do you often wonder what a cold room look like? A cold room is mostly constructed in the shape of a large freezer(that looks like a container), often placed at low temperatures for commercial purposes.

Interestingly, Cold rooms can be imported or simply made here in the country.

However, the locally made cold rooms seem to be the most popular here in Nigeria due to some very important reasons.

First, the locally made cold rooms appear to be more durable than the imported ones

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Also, the locally made cold rooms are often easy to assemble here, since it’s the same local products that will do the assembling.


Lastly, the locally made cold rooms are usually cheaper when compared to foreign ones. Thinking of the shipping cost of the foreign-made cold rooms alone can make a starter freeze.

These reasons seem to be worth it right?

Steps You Need To Take In Starting Your Cold Room Business

If you are ready and determined to start this business, the first important thing you need is a good space. The space has too large enough.

Some of the equipment you will need for the smooth running of this business include:

Good Power Supply
Deep Freezers
Freezing Compartments
Ice block molding containers
Aluminum Casing

The sort, brand, and capability of the cold room to be built depend solely on the production and financing scale you expect to invest in the cold room sector. Most companies use cold rooms fabricated locally. Bigger firms have the financial resources to procure imported ones.

If you think you may be having issues of space with the large sized count large-sized cold rooms, You can purchase new designs from makers of cold rooms that look just like deep freezers, with this, you only need to put water in your cellophane bags and less than 5 hours, you will have your block bars ready for sale.

Do you know that there is immense financial potential In launching a cold room business in Nigeria? So, making good profits should not bean a headache at all.

In this business, you must be familiar with trends and seasons.
You should concentrate on food products with steady demand to thrive in the cold room market in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria and change your business plan with the seasons. Ice-blocks sell faster during the dry season, while chicken, turkey, and beef sales begin to shoot up during the holiday season.

In conclusion, ensure that your cold room is located in an area that has a good electricity supply so as not to frustrate your business or hinder your profit earnings. Also, when there’s a good electricity supply, you won’t have to spend so much on fuel and your customers will always trust you to provide fresh and chilled food products(thats if you are that’ss frozen foods bus the is)


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