How to Startup your Cosmetics Business in Nigeria


Amongst other businesses, the cosmetic business is presently a highly competitive Enterprise.

Often new cosmetics products are released into the market and your own Enterprise has to deal with the high competition so it is important asides other things, for you to have a perfectly crafted strategy for the marketing of your beauty products.

It is quite interesting to know that the cosmetic industry is experiencing a good level of growth as there is an increasing demand for cosmetic products.

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Good enough both the middle class and the upper-class category of the people in the society use these products often especially in developing countries.

So, if you are going to start at all, you must be ready to first give it all your best and secondly, you must be ready to meet the huge level of demand on a regular basis.

Steps to start Cosmetic Business in Nigeria

Just so you know the cosmetic industry is such a big one as there are several product lines and areas of specialization, for example, there are beauty spa, cosmetic store, beauty salon, anti-aging clinic, makeup artist, and aromatherapy.

First Step: Know The Guiding Laws

The very first step you need to take is to get familiar with the rules and laws guiding the production and labeling of cosmetic commodities in your country.

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For instance, in Nigeria, you have to get familiar with NAFDAC regulations and in the USA, you have to know the FDA rules.

In order to ensure that your business is a legal Enterprise, you must abide by these rules and regulations.

Moreover, Knowing the rules will help you to avoid any unwanted trouble with the legal authorities.

Step 2: Diligently Make Your Choice Of Location

Although You can start your cosmetics business from your own home, you can also choose to lease a place
That is if you have enough capital to do that, because for startup business owners it is usually expensive to lease a place alternatively you can decide to rent a small space in a laboratory where you can make and check your cosmetics products.

Step 3: Decide On An Area Of Specialisation

The third step is that you have to carefully decide your area of concentration. Preferably, this should be an area where you have a good manufacturing experience.

For instance, you may have a little knowledge of the making of organic makeup products or lip care commodities.

Just make sure you focus on the product you know well so as to reduce the risk of making mistakes.

So as much as possible try and avoid getting involved in too many product lines at the same time, it’s better you concentrate on a few things.

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Step 4: Make The Internet Your Market Place

A very productive option you should consider when starting your cosmetics enterprise is to make the internet your marketplace.

Several customers are online searching for good quality products that they can easily buy on the web.


Try as much as possible to create an e-commerce shop where you can sell your cosmetics products.

Note that you may have to reduce the prices of your product so that you’ll be able to attract more customers online.

When creating the e-commerce website make sure your website design is comprehensive and user-friendly.

Let your images be colorful, beautiful and impressive. Let all details ranging from the price, ingredients, the product description, contact, etc be provided adequately and your webpage must be easy to navigate.

Step 5: Create Awareness

Can you imagine how a business without adequate publicity will fare? Publicity is a very important part of every business.

Endeavor to create more awareness about your own cosmetics especially amongst your already mapped target audience, visit places, event centers in your vicinity, visit beauty Palaces to advertise your company’s products you can also give some demonstration to the customers in order to showcase the good qualities of your products

It is very necessary that you create a particular social media page for your cosmetic goods and make sure the page is well loaded with beautiful images of your products and the cosmetic product description.

As a matter of fact, you can create a page for your cosmetics business on simply every well-known social media platform like Facebook Twitter, Instagram and so on.
Always engage your audience by uploading interactive and necessary information about your cosmetics products.

Step 6:  Draw Out A Strategic Plan

A well-structured marketing plan helps you to know how to advance in a strategic way when selling your cosmetic goods to people.

Your good planning for cost, price and a brilliant way of selling your cosmetic products will surely help you while you are trying to get through to your target market.

Step 7: Create A Good Logo

It is easier for customers to identify a business when its logo is familiar. In fact, they can easily tell what company it is when they see its logo.

So when creating your logo, instruct the professional graphic design artist to make a logo that will be memorable for your company

It’s advisable that you make your logo of a unique concept but with an amazing blend of design characters like colors and typefaces in order to get the attention you really need for your product.

Step 8: Get Your Capital

A business idea can be very great and appealing but without enough capital to start up, it can be quite frustrating.

So before you venture into the making of cosmetics products you have to have some cash that is adequate for you to purchase raw materials in order to produce your cosmetics items.

A very good way to source for money is by requesting from your friends and your family. You may just be lucky enough that your request will be granted.

Step 9: Before You Launch Out, Check!

After production just before you start selling your cosmetics products make sure you test your products.

You can do this by giving some samples to your friends and your relatives for a test. Do a practical test of the products before you go out to display and sell them, their feedback will give you an idea of what to expect from your target audience

Step 10: Accept Criticisms And Move On

Considering the fact that you are new to the cosmetics business, you’re likely to make many mistakes which is quite normal in the learning process but importantly you must have a teachable heart that is, learn from your mistakes and advance in a good way, also allow criticisms from the Professionals in your field and adjust in every necessary way

For instance, if your friends and neighbors complain that your website page is not friendly and attractive enough, accept and make amends as fast as possible.


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