Biography Of Stella DimokoKorkus: Age, Career, Blog, Husband, Net Worth, Facts


Stella Dimoko Korkus can be regarded as one of the most recognized and respected Nigerian female bloggers as her blog: SDK is well accepted for its exceptional way and style of telling stories.

However, we have a lot more to share with you on the biography of Stella Dimoko Korkus. Keep reading to find out more.

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Stella Dimoko Korku Age & Date of Birth

The exceptional writer was born on the 22nd of August. Her year of birth is not on the public domain. She probably does not want to reveal her age for reasons best known to her.

Stella Education

Stella had her basic and secondary education in Lagos State. After then, she advanced to Edo State to study Linguistics at The University Of Benin where she finished with a 3rd Class Degree having the English language as her reference.

Stella Career path

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Initially, Stella had the ambition of becoming an employee in the banking sector but this dream could not be fulfilled due to certain circumstances.

So in her frustration and total dissatisfaction, she decided to follow an entirely different career path which was news writing.

Afterward, she commenced her blogging career by writing in a hint magazine, also in the encomium. She started off by working as a journalist in the print media, after some time, she opened her own blog site but unfortunately, she lost the site due to undisclosed reasons.

She eventually left her print media writing job following a spectacular experience she had. She then decided to take another shot at blogging and the rest they say is history.

Stella Marriage: Husband

The beautiful blogger is married to her heart rob Stephen Korkus. They got married in the year 2003. After which she relocated to Germany in the year 2004.

However, her re-location has not affected her blogging negatively as she operates her blog even from Germany and according to reports, her husband seems to be pleased with her career path, and it was also disclosed that her husband usually assist her whenever he is free by sourcing for news, latest updates and doing other things that have positively contributed to the growth of SDK.

Meanwhile, just as Stella has kept her age away from public eyes, her family affairs too have been kept away from the internet as there is presently no information on her children, their ages, number or gender: most part of her private life is kept secret.

Stella Dimoko Awards

Asides that Stella’s SDK is one of the most recognized names in the blogging/ online information business, she is also one of the most courageous and feared female bloggers in Nigeria.

In recognition of her hard work, her SDK blog won the Entrepreneurs Award For the best Online Blog of the year.


About Her Blog

Her blog is named after her but in an acronym of her three names: SDK.
Stella’s blog shares entertainment news, gists on top celebrities, news and updates, and other topics that are fascinating to online readers. Those who visit her blog are popularly known as SDKers.

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Asides these features highlighted earlier, the SDK blog also shows interesting and inspiring columns like “The in-house news, Saturday laughs column, spontaneous posts column, chronicles of a blog visitor column, inspirational column, entertaining column, educative column, wordless post and others. This is why the SDK blog is often referred to as a jack of many trades blog.

Stella Dimoko’s Relationship With Linda Ikeji

For many years, Stella Dimoko and co-blogger/ female entrepreneur Linda Ikeji have been perceived to be silent rivals and enemies. This is however not so surprising considering the fact that they are both in the same business and therefore competing for the reader’s attention.

Although Stella Dimoko who was formerly a journalist has once stated that there is no such thing as rivalry nor unhealthy competition between them, she declared that the competition between the two blogs is a healthy one.

She further clarified that there’s definitely a clear difference and there will continue to be a noticeable difference between the two blogs considering the fact that she is a blogger who blogs with journalism experience while Linda Ikeji is simply a blogger.

Other Facts About Stella Dimoko Korkus

She got her controversial name as a result of her style of living, she is someone who loves to trash out issues as soon as possible, leaving no stone unturned and she can be confrontational at times. Also, she is usually not afraid of challenges as it is a delightful thing for her to always take up challenges.

The troubles she had while working as a print journalist really helped in getting her ready for her blogging business which appears to be more demanding.

Usually, she starts her day around 5am, she claimed to have maintained this pattern since she had her first child so as to properly care for her baby. She also noted that this routine has really helped her in her blogging business.

Initially when she began her blogging business, handling reactions from readers was very tough for her due to her kind of personality and this made the situation bad for her then, but she is far better now when it comes to dealing with backlash and reactions from readers.

From time, she has passion for writing right from a young age, it was recalled that while she was growing up, whenever she had a misunderstanding with her friends, she would write ‘Stinkers’ to them.

The first job she got was from hints magazine’s advert requesting for writers. After she found the advert, her friend called the contact attached to the advert, Stella was invited for an interview and that was how her writing career began.

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During her days at the University, she was sexually victimized but she couldn’t do anything about it.

She gets not less than 30,000 viewers on her blog site per day.

Net worth Of Stella Dimokkorkus

Stella makes her money through the display of Google sponsored Ads, from the sales of ad spots to local advertisers and through other means. SDK has an estimated net worth of over $400,000.


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