Which is the strongest tribes in Nigeria?


It is a common belief that tribes in Nigeria have the most powerful and richest tribes. However, research has revealed that there are no true tribal societies in Africa.

Tribalism is an African cultural concept that aims to form a cohesive group with the purpose of preserving and protecting its identity through cultural practices, values and beliefs.

But even in Nigeria we can lay claim on some of the strongest tribes in Nigeria, predominantly Nigeria as over 300 known tribes that have different culture,religion and language we all bound together by the entity called Nigeria.

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For the purpose of study and write up we would look at the strongest tribe out of all these 300 known tribes that we have in Nigeria.

Over the years we have come to a final conclusion after we have been able to identify who among all these tribes is the strongest. Out of all the tribes we have we narrowed down the strongest of all these tribes to 4 namely Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Fulani.

Lets look at all this mentioned strongest tribe and see how strong they are indeed.

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Yoruba Tribe

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The Yoruba race is regarded among one of the strongest tribe in the country, they have influence, well educated, power and exposure, they are one of the strongest in these nation of our called Nigeria

It’s not known how and why Yoruba Tribe came into existence, they may have been one of the earliest inhabitants of Nigeria. According to some scholars, the word Yoruba is derived from ‘Yor’ which means ‘land of our people’.

Yoruba Tribe is a group of people in Africa who speak Yoruba. They are known to be very rich in culture and tradition. Some scholars believe that the word Yoruba comes from ‘Yor’ which means ‘hill’.

They are regarded as one of the strongest tribe in the nation because they have produced men and woman who held different top political positions in the country, people like Chief Awolowo, olusegun obasanjo, ahmed tinubu, yemi osinbajo and a lot of other notable personalites.

Hausa Tribe


The hausa tribe is also one of the strongest tribe in these nation Nigeria, they have the largest population and land mass compared to other tribes in the nation, the hausa claim to have a strong culture and have been able to hold their own for a long time. They are known for their fierce warriors, strong kingdoms and strong clans.

They occupy important positions in the country and as a matter of fact they have produced the highest number of presidents in these nation Nigeria. They have produced some of the richest men in these nation, people like Alhaji Aliko Dangote, modern commerce have been argued by some school of taught to have started by them in the city of kano.

Igbo Tribe

The Igbo language is spoken on an average of 1,2 million people across the country. The prowess of the Igbo language as a spoken language is shown in the fact that it can be held up for generations, and its ability to speak Indian languages with precision has made it more than just as great for business.

This tribe is located in southeastern Nigeria and occupies five countries in which the Igbo language is predominantly spoken.

This country is located in southeastern Nigeria where the Igbo people speak the language Igbo of which is a member of the Niger-Congo language family. Over time, this tribe has developed a unique culture and culture identity.

Unsafe. Check out the 20 richest Igbo entrepreneurs to confirm this. While the Igbos boast of this feat, they also have their bad side as a dangerous strain to be feared. The FBI recently released a list of fraudsters involved in cyber crimes who defraud large companies and individuals alike. Unfortunately,

The Igbos are a subgroup of the Igbo people in Nigeria. The word Igbo is pronounced “I-gway” and represents a phrase that originated from the Yoruba language . The term “Igbos” refers to all descendants of the Igbo people who are either free, or were once slaves to their forefathers who became kings of kingdoms in Nigeria.

In terms of ancestry, the Amago dialects of Igbo are three times larger than any other languages spoken in Nigeria.

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Fulani Tribe

Fulani tribe was known for being very strategic when it comes to politics. They occupy some of the important positions in the country, they fight for different parties in elections and are allies with many leaders in the country.

Fulani tribe used to be a state in the ancient Sudan. They were known for their strategic thinking and were ranked as number one in the world when it comes to strategic thinking. Their reasoning power was estimated at 98%, so they are great leaders, they are one of the strongest in these nation Nigria.

Here you have it a list of the strongest tribes in Nigeria, help like, share and re-post to your social media network.



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