10 Times Super Eagles of Nigeria made us Proud


For all sports lovers, especially Nigeria football fans, we bring you some applaudable achievements from favorite football team called the super eagles of Nigeria. The super eagles of Nigeria over the years have brought both joy and sadness to its teeming supporters across the country.

Super eagles over the years have represented us well in major footballing competition both within the Africa continent and outside Africa.

They are among the great footballing nations in Africa having won so many major competitions and participated in many competitions.

The super eagles of Nigeria having participated in major competition have won several medals and accolades from football governing body and its teeming fans across the globe.

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Super Eagles of Nigeria
Super Eagles of Nigeria

The super eagles are so colorful in major competition with their lovely jersey colours of white and green, they are always followed by their ever colorful and supporting supporter’s club to all the competition the team participated in.

With the large numbers of supporters club member travelling far near and wide to support their darling team the super eagles of Nigeria thereby giving them that extra boost and support to participate in competitive, The supporters club is Nigeria help ginger the team to success in all competition

The Super Eagles of Nigerian as made us proud on so many occasions in the past, they been the only successful unifying factors that unite this country irrespective of the tribal difference. We would look at some of those moments that have brought joy and happiness to our faces.

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 List of 10 Times Nigerian Super Eagle Have Made us Proud

  • Qualification to the 1994 World Cup in US – The run to the 1994 world cup appearance of the super eagles was very interesting and it put a lot of fans on their toes and hedge of their sit. Having missed out in previous qualification process, the nation was solidly behind them with their prayers and support for them to qualify for their first world cup competition.
  • 1994 was a major year and turnaround for our nations football team has they qualify for their first ever nations cup, that period was one of the high point of our football as a nation, the qualification of the super eagles brings about unity in this country.
  • 1994 was a year that the super eagles made us proud as a nation, they qualified as one of the five representative from Africa they went to the US and did very well by defeating some of the great footballing nations in the world.
  • They bowed out from the world cup with their head held up high and they became the toast of Africa, 1994 world cup participation open up doors for all the players that earned them move to big clubs in Europe.
  • Won first ever Gold Medal At The Olympic – The senior male football team of Nigeria also known as the super eagles made the country proud in 1996 by being the first-ever footballing team in Africa to win the Olympic gold medal in football at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic competition.
  • The team emerged the best footballing team at the competition by defeating major great footballing nations like Brazil, Argentina, and other great footballing nations. They started as an underdog and finished the competition with the highest medal winning the Olympic gold medallist.  This winning feat by our male footballing nation made us proud as a nation.
  • Winning the Africa Cup Of Nation a Record Of 3 times – One of the high point of the super eagles that made us proud as a nation was when they won the Africa cup of the nation a record 3 times,
  • The first time they won the soccer competition was in 1980 followed by 1994 the year they won the nations cup and also qualifies for the world cup and also 2013 in South Africa this moment of them winning the continent highest trophies was a proud moment for us as a nation.

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  • Being Ranked Number 5 in the World – One of the high points of the Super Eagles was being ranked 5th best footballing nation in the world and best footballing team in Africa.
  • They ranked tops ahead some great footballing nations in the world at that time by being among the top 5 best footballing nations in the world. They were recognized by FIFA and other footballing countries in the world as one of the best 5 teams in the world
  • This moment and period brought us pride as a nation and ever since that feat of beingone of the top 5 countries in the world no other Africa country as being able to duplicate that feat leaving us as the only African country to record that high in the footballing world.
  • Winning the First-Ever Gold Medal in The All Africa Games – Another proud moment of our footballing team the Super Eagles was when the won their first-ever gold medal in the footballing competition of all Africa Games in 1973, That moment was beautiful moment for our nation winning the Gold medal in football and becoming the best footballing team at the 1973 Olympic games.
  • World Cup Qualification – Having gone ahead to participate in their first-ever world cup in the US the team went ahead qualify a record of 5 times, making it participating in 5 different world cup. With this feat of participating in record 5 world cup making the team having the most appearances at the biggest football competition in the world from Africa, this record alone makes us proud as a nation.
  • Having Some of its Players Winning Major Football Competition- They super eagles produce stars that played for big clubs in Europe and went ahead to win major football cup in Europe.
  • They won cups like the UEFA Champions League and Europa Cup, some of the players that have achieved this feat include Kanu Nwankwo, John Mikel Obi, and so many other players.
  • Winning the West Africa Football Competition- The team went ahead to win the west Africa football competition in west Africa making the nation football team the best team in west Africa.
  • Being the first Team to Qualify for the 1994 World Cup in US- When the nation footballing team became the first team to qualify for the world cup from Africa that moment made us proud as a nation.
  • Being The First Team From the Africa continent to Reach the Round of 16 at the World cup

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