Sweetest December Wishes 2021


It’s preparing us for the next year as December is the last month of the year. Anyone who observes from January to December will give special thanks to God.


Now, on this page are readily available all the Yuletide greetings you want to give to your husband, friends and loved ones for this month.

  1. No greeting cards to give, no beautiful flowers to send, no rice bags to send but a loving and caring heart that wishes you a happy new month. You’re going to succeed this month where others suck seeds.
  2. My dear, you’re going to be too packed to be stranded this month. Even in the midst of the depression, you will feel a quick acceleration. You’re going to take over and take up the whole possessions.
  3. “Beyond the gaiety that comes with the yuletide … Beyond the emotions tied around this festive period … I wish you a new month full of unspeakable joy and laughter, even as you’re ending this year. Happy new month from me to you in December.”
  4. I wish God surprises you this December and bless you with all that your heart desires. May God never fail to surprise you. Blessed December!
  5. May the Lord heed to your plea, may He vindicate you, may you rise up among your peers and in the house of your friends. In this month, he will be your pillar, fortress, and deliverer.
  6. Since this is the last month of the year, any devil’s embargo on you will be broken in the name of Jesus. Good new month.
  7. May this last month of the year be for you one of the happiest and most blessed months. Blessed is the new month.
  8. December is here! May the last month’s bad events did not come close to you and yours. Blessed December!
  9. When we enter the new year, I wish you great moments. Good new month.
  10. May your portion be the good things of the last month of the year. Good new month for you.
  11. Rising God delight you with the surprises of the new year as you prepare to enter the new year. Good new month.
  12. May people come together to celebrate you in your memory, in the name of Jesus. Fidelis Semper!
  13. Bless You, A Blessed New Month. The new month of happiness has arrived, be ready to collect all the treasure of blessings, may we praise Almighty God from dawn to dusk, help others by offering them smiles and happiness, so that everyone can enjoy the spring celebration,
  14. Each Egyptian you’ve seen in the past month, you’re not going to see anymore because God is fighting for you and you’re going to keep your heart, all your Jan 2 Date aspirations will be met in the name of Jesus. Blessed New Month …
  15. The sugarcane’s destiny is to be cut at the time of its sweetness May you not be cut off at the time for u to grow & Prosper, You must accomplish your destiny in Jesus Name Happy New Month.
  16. Wishing you a lovely new month, a month waiting for you with new experiences.
  17. Look forward to the future at all times. Fill your eyes and heart with inspiration, drive yourself and improve your ability to achieve what you want, and trust in what you do. Wish you happy month.


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