The Problem of Self-Reliance in Nigeria


Nigeria is a prime example of the problem of self-reliance in Africa. Nigeria is one of the primary examples of how self-reliance has failed African countries. Despite its natural resources, Nigeria is amongst the poorest countries in Africa.

Nigeria’s economy and culture are largely interconnected to oil production. The country has over 20% unemployment rate with a GDP that contributes around 50% of GDP in Africa.

Self reliance is a fundamental principle of Nigeria. The country values self reliance and achievement, and requires that its people develop self-reliance skills to survive. Unfortunately, this has led to many of the Nigerian people not being able to provide for themselves due to the lack of knowledge on farming, farming techniques, and the complexity of farming itself. This is why Nigerian farmers are finding it difficult to make ends meet

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, with around 160 million people, with a rapidly growing economy. However, with the high cost of living, the country’s farmers are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Rising costs of food and fuel has led to a surge in food insecurity among Nigerian families. The government is working on a plan to help reduce poverty and improve agricultural production in Nigeria.

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This article will discuss how Nigeria’s economy relies on oil production and how it can be improved by diversifying the economy to other industries such as agriculture, tourism, and textiles.

Economic independence led to cultural and environmental degradation in Nigeria, people and industry are no longer sustainable

In the past, many people believed that the economy was driving progress. This led to cultural and environmental degradation in Nigeria.

By the early 1900s, the Nigerian economy was booming thanks to oil discovery in Lagos. But as we know now, this dependency on petroleum led to heavy environmental degradation and a subsequent decrease in population growth rate.

The Niger Delta is one of the largest swampy areas on Earth, filled with oil spills and other environmental disasters. Over time, this region has been drastically affected by the petroleum industry due to its reliance on oil for fuel which has led to more pollution and ecological destruction. Oil spills have made agriculture impossible in many areas because of soil contamination from hydrocarbons like benzene and napthalene which are present in large quantities in oil products. The Nigerian government →

The oil spills in Nigeria have caused many people to lose their livelihoods and the economy to suffer. In addition, hydrocarbons like benzene and napthalene are present in large quantities in oil products. These pollutants have contaminated the soil and have made it impossible for farmers to grow crops as they used to, causing a food crisis in many areas.

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Frequent Changes of Policies is also one of the problems of self reliance in Nigeria

Self reliance is one of the major problems that most people in Nigeria face. The country’s government was a beneficiary of foreign aid until the 1970s, followed by oil and gas extraction in the 1980s. The problem with this self-reliance is that it leads to frequent policy changes, which affect citizens negatively.

Self-reliance may be beneficial to society, but it’s not the best way to go about it. Policy changes can have negative effects on citizens, and these changes are often unregulated. There needs to be a balance between self-reliance and policy regulation.


This is another major draw back to the country development being self reliance have brought about different and various corrupt practices in the corridor of power particularly Nigeria.

Every country in the world is different. Some countries have a strong public office, while other countries have a strong private office. Public offices are supposed to serve the greater good of society, while private offices are there for personal gain. One major downside to the development is that they’ve led to more corruption and less public opinion – which is what politicians rely on.#


The lack of Entrepreneurship Development

Because of the monopolistic nature of our government, having control over most of the affairs of the country this brings about no or lack of development. When a country frowns at public-private partnership, this prevents innovation and growth.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are the most effective way of funding development projects. These partnerships are crucial to innovation and growth in developing countries. The government can provide support while private companies can put forth resources for sustainable growth. A PPP in an area with little or no infrastructure is often the best choice as it involves building a new system from scratch rather than trying to make something work that has failed

But when the government want to have the only say and control over policies, agenda it brings about problem of self reliance.

The will of the government both economically and political is also one of the major problems of self reliance the country is facing.

In a growing economy, the will of the government both economically and political is also one of the major problems of self reliance the country is facing.

Nigeria is currently dealing with a major problem- the will of the government both economically and politically is also one of the major problems of self reliance. The Nigeria government has been over regulating business for so long that they are unable to properly compete outside of their own markets and are struggling to create new ones.

Despite being one of the largest economies in West Africa, Nigeria has struggled to compete with other countries. They are struggling to set up their own businesses and grow in the global economy because they can’t create a balance between regulation and freedom.

Over-dependence on foreign resources rather than engage in science and technology

Nigeria’s dependence on external resources is posing serious threats to national security and sovereignty. Technology has advanced at a rapid pace and is now producing a host of solutions to tackle this problem. However, the government must take measures to encourage innovation through science and technology.

The government has taken a number of measures to encourage innovation through science and technology. A number of research centers are being set up by the government to help develop new products and solutions in a wide range of fields.

Some of the most futuristic innovations today are coming from the government. This is because government initiatives are often more focused and less bureaucratic than private companies. For example, these research centers are focused on developing new products, solutions, and services in a wide range of fields such as healthcare, education, renewable energy& more.

Economic Self Reliance in Nigeria as caused a lot of issues as regards our development as a nation.

Nigeria is a developing nation that is striving to develop and grow. The government has invested in the Nigerian economy, but citizens are holding it back by not taking advantage of economic opportunities available to them. Economic self reliance has caused a lot of issues as regards our development as a nation

This is a perspective on the current state of development in our nation. Our economic dependence has caused a lot of issues that are hurting our development as a country.

Here you have it problem of self reliance in Nigeria, we have discussed the topic extensively with points and argument to back up our claims that Nigeria is going through problems of self reliance.



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